Caputo’s– There’s an App for that

We’re going mobile! We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new app! Our app allows you to stay up to date with everything happening around Caputo’s, gives you exclusive coupons only available to app users, and has brand new loyalty programs!

 One awesome feature about our app is that you can browse our weekly ad right there! Our ad is uploaded to the app so you can check out all of our sale items. You can also create your shopping lists. You are able to organize your shopping lists with titles right on the app. You can even email your list to someone so they can go shopping for you!

Another cool feature of our app is how much you can save! Not only will you be able to see all of our items on sale, but there are tons of coupons that will be available every day. When you first create an account, you will be asked to select the store you shop at most frequently. This will give you access to exclusive coupons. You can clip the coupons and start saving! All you have to do is scan your app at checkout and the clipped coupons are automatically applied!

Another unique feature is the loyalty programs. We have different clubs that allow you to earn rewards just for shopping. By downloading the app you have access to join various clubs. These clubs include a coffee club, a sandwich club, and a wine club. Each club tracks coincides with your purchases and gives you a free item or special offers on the items. We also have Family Rewards! With Family Rewards, you collect points and receive a gift card once you reach a certain amount of points!

The app is available in the app store today, all you have to do is type “Caputo’s” into the search bar in the app store and look for the icon with our logo! We’re here to answer any of your questions you might have– feel free to stop into a store to ask or to email us! Join the family by downloading the app and starting to save! Look out for more new features in the future!


16 Replies to “Caputo’s– There’s an App for that”

  1. I downloaded the app and I am unable to complete set up because it is not allowing me to Select a store. I go to the page where the stores are listed, but when I hit the store, it doesn’t nothing. It does not allow me to type in the name of the store

    1. Hi Linda, we are sorry you are experiencing these issues. To fix it, you can go to “My Profile” on the left hand menu. From there you will see a “My Store” option. You can click on this and will be able to select a store from there. Make sure to hit the check mark next to the store you want to make your store. Once you click the check mark, it will bring you back to the my store page, click save, and you’re set! If this does not work or you have any more questions, feel free to email us or we can have someone call you to better walk you through it!

  2. Well, no dates on the weekly flyer. Can’t select items in the flyer to add to a shopping list. Appears I can’t place an order through the APP?

    1. We are working on adding the capability to select items from the flyer to your list. This capability will happen with a future app update! As far as ordering, we are in the process of further re-developing our e-commerce site, so we want to make sure the functionality is easily usable for all parties before we add that addition. We have created this app completely in-house to make it personal and want to make sure everything runs smoothly and easily as we continue to update the app with new features

  3. i have been shopping your store for years. honestly i would prefer not to have to deal with a gimmick like this to get the best price.
    i would also like to know if information gathered from using the app will be sold or could be sold?

    1. We appreciate your loyalty and understand your concerns. We consider our customers our family and have created this app internally so we can further connect with our customers. You are still getting the best deals by shopping with us, but the app is a more modern take on it. As far as the information, nothing is sold or given to anybody. It is not given to any third parties or outside sources because we have created the app in-house. We monitor it ourselves and no one else has access to the information as we do not think it would be right to share any information.

    1. Hi Jo! Name, email, phone, and the captcha are required to create an account. Once those are all filled in, you will be able to proceed into the app. This app was created in-house so all your information is secured and does not get sent to anyone.

    1. The captcha code is above the box where it asks you to enter the code. It is letters that are slightly disoriented or blurred that you will be prompted to write into the box.

    1. Hi Joy, thank you for signing up! You can start earning rewards and points by scanning your app before checkout. Open your app, then go to “my card” and have the cashier scan it.

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