Garden Center Treasures

These past few days have been rainy, but as the saying says “April showers bring May flowers!” and our garden centers are open for business! 

Flowers have the ability to brighten a persona’s day or put them in a better mood. The beautiful colors, the enticing smells, and more make flowers a wonderful addition to your home. 

For decades now, our family has been buying from the same family run greenhouse. They grow many staple Italian garden items special for us– melrose peppers, swissh chard, cicorie, and other classics! Despite many new greenhouses using automation, this greenhouse still grows their plants the old fashion way. This means that each plant is hand plugged– meaning they are grown in one pot and then hand moved into a bigger pot to continue growing. 

If you’re looking to add some color to your house, we have a variety of different plants. From hanging baskets to potted plants, even the tiniest flower can make things better. We can’t help but appreciate the beauty a flower can create. 

If you want your garden to be full of fruits and veggies just like your Nonno’s garden, we’re here to help! We have tons of different vegetables, plants, and herbs for you to plant. There is nothing like the smell of fresh mint from your garden. From the infamous Melrose Pepper to different varieties of tomatoes– come pick out all the veggies you want to grow from home!

We also have some really cool and exciting things for kids this year! We are featuring some of Chef Jeff’s plants which are plants for children. The individual plants are a great way to teach responsibility and watch things grow! These include things like corn, pumpkins, and strawberries!

From Our Family To Yours

Our Pantry Staples

You may find yourself looking in your pantry or fridge a little more often these days. The countless trips to the kitchen for another snack throughout the day have become a given. We usually have our go-to items that we know we love. Here are some of our pantry staples that we need to have on hand at all times. 


Our La Bella Romana Taralli are imported from Italy and an addictive snack! They are small, breadstick-like snacks that are formed into little circles. This Italian cracker comes in many different flavors– olive oil, red pepper, rosemary, and more! There is a variety for any craving you may have. We love to keep a package of taralli (or two) ready for a salty snack!


With health in mind, granola is something we love to have on hand! Our favorites are the La Bella Romana vanilla granola or La Bella Romana honey n nut granola in our bulk section. It is great to snack on when you’re looking for something crunchy. Whether you’re eating it on it’s own, mixing it into yogurt, or something else, granola is a pantry essential! 

Castelvetrano Olives

Our favorite snacking olives, castelvetranos are great to have on hand! These olives are buttery and smooth. They pair well with almost every meal, or to even sneak one from the deli container each time you look in the fridge. These olives are imported from Italy 


Giardiniera is a very important item to have in your house at all times. You never know when it might take your meal to the next level! We love to keep giardiniera on hand for things like sandwiches, pizza, and more. It has the unique ability to elevate the flavors of whatever you put it on!

What do you need to have in your house all the time? Let us know in the comments!

From Our Family To Yours

Easter Feast

Easter is a time for celebration. Although traditions may be a little different this year, it is still a holiday to celebrate! People have many different traditions when it comes to Easter, but most involve food. Sharing a meal has become symbolic of celebrations and Easter is a testament to this. Let us cook for you, we offer an Easter Feast so that you can relax during the holiday!

As a family business, we value time spent together. Time with loved ones is important and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. The Feast is prepared in-house by our commissary. Just like all of our food, the feast is prepared with all natural ingredients with no preservatives. We take pride in using only the highest quality of ingredients.

The Easter Feast includes traditional and delicious Easter items that can feed between 10-12 people. Each course of the meal has a variety of options that you can choose from to best feed your group. The feast includes a ½ pan of salad, a ½ pan of vegetables, and a ½ pan of pasta or potatoes. For the main entree, you get a choice of  a whole baked ham with our signature apricot pineapple glaze or our mediterranean style boneless roasted leg of lamb. There is a side of a dozen dinner rolls and can’t forget the dessert! You can choose between zeppole or eclairs!

If you are just looking for a main entree, you can order a single roasted leg of lamb or a baked ham!

Check out our holiday feast flyer for all your choices and more information. Call (630) 620-4444 ext. 1040 for more information and to place your order!

From Our Family To Yours