Cinco de Mayo

The beginning of May is the start of many festivities– from graduations to Mother’s Day, there is plenty to celebrate. One important celebration that occurs at the beginning of each May is Cinco de Mayo! 

Cinco de Mayo is often mixed up with Mexican Independence Day, but it is actually the celebration of a Mexican Army’s victory over the French at Battle of the Puebla on May 5th, 1862. This victory boosted morale and helped the nation come together and bond over patriotism. Cinco de Mayo has become widely popular in America as a way to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage. People nationwide celebrate with traditional Mexican meals and drinks, and we are here to help with your celebrations!

One way to celebrate is with tacos! Our Addison location is home to a stainless steel tortilla machine imported from Mexico. This allows us to make fresh tortillas in-house daily! We even fry our tortillas to make our own chips! Like all of our other prepared foods, our tortillas are all natural and have no preservatives. Yellow or white corn, crispy or soft, we’ve got it all! Our tortillas and chips also pair wonderfully with items from different departments!

Our chips are delicious with our homemade guacamole and salsas, and you can try our tortillas with our pre-marinated fajita mix from the meat department. The fajita meat and taco meat are already marinated, so all you have to do is cook the meat! 

No time to cook, but still want to celebrate? No problem! We also have taco kits in our prepared foods. These taco kits feature pre-marinated meat already seasoned to perfection, our homemade tortillas, and toppings! They are a perfect solution to a taco night on the go because it is easy to prepare. 

Every party needs some drinks! From Mexican beer to Margarita mixes, we’ve got plenty to choose from. Don’t forget about Jarritos– a Mexican soda drink that come in many different flavors. These sodas are great alone or can be the perfect mixer!

Throwing your own celebration? We have plenty of traditional Mexican food items on sale this week. Want to cook up your own dish? Chef Gene and Robertino Jr are making tacos and elotes using items from our weekly ad!

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Custom Cakes & Sweets

No celebration is complete without the perfect dessert. If you’re looking to take your celebration– no matter how big or small– to the next level, order a custom cake from our bakery! The best thing is that the cake will be beautiful and still taste delicious!

Busy season is upon us– communions, confirmations, weddings, wedding showers, graduations, birthdays, and more! Our bakery is happy to work with you to make your event perfect. We have custom, specialty cakes for every occasion and any theme. Just tell our talented bakery what you want and they will help bring your cake dreams to life. 

Our cakes aren’t just pretty to look at, but they’re delicious too! The filling makes all the difference in a cake. We have a variety of fillings that you can mix and match to create what’s best for your event! Some of our fillings include french cream, custard, cannoli, fudge, peanut butter, nutella mousse, preserves, cookies and cream, chocolate french cream, and more.

Some of our favorite cake combinations are

  • a yellow sponge cake with a layer of cannoli filling and a layer of fudge
  • a chocolate or yellow cake with cookies and cream filling
  • a chocolate cake with cannoli filling
  • a chocolate sponge with peanut butter filling

…there are so many options that it’s hard to pick just one! 

You can never go wrong with the classics like a cream puff cake, tiramisu,  carrot cake, or cannoli cake either! 

We have done simple cakes, wedding cakes, themed cakes, number cakes, cupcake cakes, and more. We are more than happy to work with you and share our offerings. Take a look at some of the cakes and events we have done in the past. 

We can also help with your whole sweets table. Our bakery offers cake pops, custom cookies, Italian pastries, rice crispies, chocolate covered strawberries or pretzels, and more! Check out some of our offerings here 

Follow us on social media where every Sunday we post a new, custom cake for some inspiration for your next event and to see the work of our talented bakery. 

Get a cake that tastes even better than it looks. Order your next cake from our La Bella Romana bakery. 

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National Amaretto Day

Have you ever heard of amaretto? Amaretto is an Italian liqueur that tastes like sweet almonds. It is traditionally made from things like almonds or stone-fruit pits. This gives amaretto its subtly sweet taste and delicious aroma. It is typically served as a digestivo. In Italy, this means you drink it after dinner to settle your stomach.

April 19th is National Amaretto Day so it is the perfect time to enjoy this delicious liqueur. 

The sweet, nutty flavor makes it easy to sip on by itself, but there are many other ways to use amaretto! In dessert or different drinks– here are 5 other ways to use amaretto!

An Amaretto Sour

One of the most famous cocktails that use amaretto is an amaretto sour. This can be made either with amaretto and sour mix or, our family favorite, amaretto, lemon juice, and simple syrup. The lemon and the sweetness from the simple syrup bring out the delicious nutty notes from the drink itself. 

In Tiramisu

Tiramisu typically consists of a coffee flavored liqueur, but you can add a little extra flavor by swapping the coffee liqueur for amaretto or mixing them together! The result is a next level tiramisu!

In an espresso martini

Just like the amaretto can take your tiramisu to the next level, it can do the same for your espresso martini! The rich espresso and sweet almond flavors blend perfectly together to add a little extra flavor to this dessert cocktail.

With Ice Cream

There is nothing better than a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream or gelato, sometimes it is just good for the soul! Now take the comfort of your favorite flavor of ice cream and pour a little amaretto over it! It will elevate the taste of the simple ice cream, but not in an overwhelming way! Another idea? Make it an affogato! So gelato, a shot of espresso, and a shot of amaretto all in one dish!

In cookies

Amaretto is known to be used in baking too for almond flavored desserts in addition to almond extract. It doesn’t take much and the cookies are incredible. Have you ever tried our homemade amaretti cookies? These almond cookies are made in our bakery daily– the old fashioned way! Adapted from our matriarch’s very own recipe, you’re going to want to try these out!


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4 Grilled Cheese Hacks

I think we can all agree that sometimes we need a meal that tastes like a hug feels. Most of the time, a grilled cheese sandwich can do the trick! It’s the ultimate comfort food for many reasons! Maybe it reminds you of being a kid, maybe it’s the melted cheese (because who doesn’t love melted cheese), maybe it’s the special way you make it. No matter the reason, grilled cheese is classic.

April is National Grilled Cheese Month and we know that for adults and kids alike, you can’t go wrong with  grilled cheese come mealtime! 

When you think about grilled cheese, you probably automatically picture two pieces of sandwich bread and a slice of american cheese, but there is so much more that you can do to make your grilled cheese burst with flavor!  

Want to take your grilled cheese to the next level? Here are 4 ways to make your grilled cheese even better than normal!

1. Add cheese to the outside of bread

Why not make your grilled cheese extra cheesy? Coat the bread in olive oil or butter and add shredded cheese on the outside of the bread for great taste and a delicious crunch. This forms a crispy cheese crust as you grill each side of the bread and serves as an added layer of flavor. You can even use a different type of cheese to complement the inside.

2. Use a special jam or jelly on the inside

A unique way to add some flavor is by spreading a gourmet jelly or jam on the inside of the bread! If you like a little bit of spice, coating the bread with pepper jelly adds a delicious kick of heat. If you prefer sweet, add a fig spread! We have a variety of fig spreads with different flavor profiles so there are plenty to choose from. This simple action completely changes your grilled cheese and makes it even more delicious !

3. Add Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese and grilled cheese both make perfect comfort foods, so why not combine them? If you have leftover mac and cheese, there’s more you can do then just warm it up and eat it the same way. The addition of a creamy mac and cheese to your sandwich will give make for an extra cheesy taste! You can even add bacon for a crunch and great flavor! You can even grab some of our already prepared mac and cheese from our prepared foods section so you don’t have to go through the hassle of making it yourself! The result is a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich in just a few extra, easy steps.

4. Caramelized Onions

French onion soup grilled cheese? Yes please! All the elements of a French onion soup bring a sense of comfort, so why not transform this iconic soup into a grilled cheese… especially because we all know the best part of this soup is the melted cheese on top! That cheese is Gruyere cheese and it makes for a great type of cheese to make the star of your sandwich. Gruyere is known to be great for melting and has a rich, creamy taste! The addition of caramelized onions add a great flavor for an easy and customized grilled cheese!

These are just a few! You can use a specific bread, a mix of cheeses, specialty cheese, or maybe you add extras to your sandwich that take it to the next level! You can add things like

  • mac and cheese
  • bacon
  • pulled pork
  • avocado
  • tomatoes
  • flavored olive oil

Grilled cheese is a perfect way to play around and just have fun in the kitchen! So start cooking and just have some fun with it.

Want to hear something even better? We have everything you need for your basic and gourmet grilled cheeses on sale this week!

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Spring Produce

Spring has sprung!  Spring means so many things– warmer weather, more sunshine, colorful flowers, and great seasonal foods– especially produce! 

Springtime brings some great seasonal produce. Everything is fresh and full– bright colors, bountiful greens, and food that is good for you. 

At Caputo’s, we buy fresh produce daily. We follow the same process that our founder, Angelo, did when we started in 1958. Our produce buyers are up early every morning in order to get the freshest products at the best possible prices in our stores that same day. 

Here are 4 of our favorite spring foods, some ideas of what to do with them, and how to pick them!


Now is the time for the juiciest pineapple! Pineapple is a great anti-inflammatory, can aid in reducing sinus issues, is good for digestion, and more.  

Pineapples are great on their own, but with their juicy taste, they are also very versatile. Try making a pineapple salsa for your chips or tacos, make a pineapple upside down cake, blend it for your favorite smoothies, top it with tajin for a spicy snack, or grill it!

How to pick: Pineapple should be gold in color with strong, green leaves on the crown. There shouldn’t be many soft spots and it should be on the heavier side. If you can smell the sweetness coming through the bottom of the pineapple, then you know you have a good one! Pineapple can be time consuming to clean and cut. If you want to enjoy, but don’t want to take the time to clean a pineapple, stop by our cut fruit section and pick up some pre-cleaned and cut ones for you!


Spring is when asparagus reaches its peak! Asparagus is rich in folic acid, protects against cell damage, is good for your health, and low in calories. Asparagus makes for a great, creamy soup, can compliment most pasta and risotto dishes, is yummy with prosciutto, bacon, or pancetta, can be a side to any dish, and is great in a frittata!

How to pick: Asparagus should be a deep green color with some purple undertones that fades to white as it reaches the bottom of the stalk. The stalk should be firm and straight. The tip should be relatively closed. 


Blueberries reach their peak starting right about now in April and will continue to be in season through the summer. Blueberries are known for their high antioxidants which means they help fight oxidative stress, fight disease, and more. They are high in vitamins and low in sugar which makes it great for regulating blood sugar. They are actually often considered a super fruit! 

Blueberries are great in salads, in yogurt or oatmeal, make blueberry scones or muffins, or make a pie or a crumble! 

How to pick: Blueberries should be pretty even in size and have a plump, firm skin. The color should be a deep color.


Arugula is a green that is harvested young, so it is great in early spring through fall! Arugula is nutritionally strong and known for its high levels of vitamins and minerals, like calcium, folate, vitamin c, vitamin k, and vitamin A– just to name a few. Arugula can be used in so much. You can use it in a salad– try it with some fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and salt for a light salad or a heartier salad with fresh fruits and nuts! It is great on a pizza, in a sandwich, or in a  homemade pesto. 

How to pick: You want a bright green color with strong leaves. The arugula should look dry. At home, you can store your arugula in an airtight container with paper towels to extend its shelf life. 

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