Mimosa Cake

A very important date globally, and especially in Italy, is March 8th– International Women’s Day! International Women’s Day is the day to celebrate the achievements of women across all areas of life and to show your love and appreciation for all the women in your life. It has become an important yearly celebration and there are many ways to honor this date.

In Italy, this celebration is referred to as La Festa della Donna. Many people celebrate by giving their loved ones flowers, specifically the mimosa flower. The beautiful, bright yellow coloring of the mimosa flower represents the sun and the flower itself is a symbol of strength and sensibility. They are given out as a sign of respect. The flower looks delicate, but in reality it can withstand a lot, just like women.

Our matriarch, Romana Caputo, with a mimosa flower tree in Italy

The appreciation for this flower is what inspired the cake traditionally enjoyed on this day– a Mimosa Cake! 

The mimosa cake or torta mimosa is beautiful outside with a delicious and simple inside. The outside is yellow sponge cake that has been cut into squares and arranged on the outside of the cake to resemble a mimosa flower. The inside is yellow sponge cake and we offer two options. One is simply filled with our homemade custard. The second option is our yellow sponge cake with a pineapple filling since some of the cakes traditionally have a touch of citrus flavor. Both flavors are delicately light, airy, and simply delicious!

If you’re not looking for a whole cake, we also offer mimosa cupcakes!

Honor the strong women in your life by ordering a mimosa cake or cupcakes for them! You can even get the cake customized to say their names or wish a special message! 

 All orders placed through the bakery ahead of time will receive a free Caputo’s cake server with their order! Limited amounts of cakes and cupcakes will be available in store on March 8th, so secure yours by ordering in advance! 

Did you grow up with mimosa cakes, but remember it a little differently? Our bakery team is happy to work with you and make your cake dreams come to life! Email us at lbrbakery@caputomarkets.com or call us at (630) 620-4444 ext 1036

On March 8th, all women will get a yellow rose when they arrive in our stores to shop (while supplies last)!

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Homemade Tortillas & Chips

Did you know we make our own tortillas and tortilla chips? 2/24 is National Tortilla Day so it’s the perfect chance to try them out if you haven’t already!

In 2018, we remodeled our Addison store. Part of this remodel was bringing in a brand new tortilla machine from Mexico. This machine allows us to make our very own, homemade corn tortillas in-house every day. 

Like all of our other prepared foods, our tortillas are all natural and have no preservatives. We offer yellow or white corn tortillas that are made from scratch in this machine daily. The tortillas are made in our Addison location and then sent to each of our stores from there. 

Once you have tortillas, our meat department is the next stop. We have a variety of pre-marinated taco and fajita meats and poultry ready to go at our meat counter. All you have to do is cook and enjoy! 

We also turn our homemade tortillas into tortilla chips! While making our tortillas, we make extra specifically for making chips. We cut the tortillas into triangles and fry them to perfection. They are salted, cooled, and packaged in brown paper bags. 

These chips pair wonderfully with items from different departments, especially our homemade guacamole and salsas. Made fresh daily, our guac and salsas are made using items right from our produce section! Guacamole, classic salsa, pineapple salsa, mango salsa, and more! You can also try our chips with our homemade chili. They are great for dipping in the chili on its own or making chili nachos.

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Meatless Meal Ideas

The Lenten Season has begun. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter recognized in the Christian calendar. Those who partake in Lent may follow a number of different rules. One of those rules is fasting from meat on Ash Wednesday and every Friday until Easter. Although this sounds simple, sometimes you don’t realize how difficult it may be and how easy it is to forget. We’ve got all the perfect meatless options to make Friday meals easy, delicious, and something to look forward to!

If you want some fun ways to mix it up while keeping away from meat, check out these 6 ideas:

Eggplant Parmigiana

A classic and delicious meal idea! Layers of eggplant, marinara sauce, and mozzarella, it’s full of flavor and one of the best comfort foods! Pick up a pre-made one in our prepared foods section or make your own!

Want to make your own, but in a time crunch? Grab our homemade marinara sauce, some of our breaded eggplant from our prepared foods section, a bag of Caputo shredded Mozzarella, then layer, bake in the oven, and enjoy!

Pizza or Panzerotti

Get the whole family involved and make your own pizza or panzerotti! We offer all the ingredients you need for a homemade pizza night. You can stop by our prepared foods section for homemade dough, sauce, veggies, toppings, and more! You can even use our dough to make your own panzerotti which are delicious baked or fried. It’s great bonding and just a fun night… especially if you make a nutella pizza for dessert!

Don’t have time to make it yourself? Grab one of our 16” take and bake pizzas or a few of our homemade panzerotti for dinner. It’s an easy dinner that everyone will love.


Versatile, easy, and delicious– three words we love to hear when it comes to meal time! While pasta seems like a basic dish, you can get creative with it! Our aisles are full of different pasta options- short or long, fresh or frozen, imported or domestic. Once you choose what pasta cut, then you move on to the sauce- our homemade supreme sauce, classic tomato sauce, arrabiata, and so many more. Looking for extra flavor? You can easily add veggies to any pasta dish or a protein like shrimp.  With so many different combinations to try, pasta dishes will never get boring! 

A Caprese

A caprese is a simple, yet customizable sandwich! A simple caprese is basil, tomato, and mozarella in a sandwich. What’s great is you can make it customizable through the bread and by adding different toppings. You can add an olive tapenade or spread, sub sandwich dressing, pesto sauce, or even a flavored olive oil!


Not only is seafood a good meatless option, there are plenty of health benefits! Fish is filled with omega 3s and different nutrients that your body craves. Our extensive fish department will help you find just what you’re looking for.Fish can be eaten as meals or can be added to different dishes for great flavors– seafood risotto, pasta with clams, or just a simply grilled salmon are all great dishes with lots of flavor!

Fish can be intimidating to cook, but we can make it easy! We offer a variety of pre-marinated seafood options. They are full of flavor and all you have to do is put it in the oven and pick your sides. Try out 

 Pro tip: try one of our pre-marinated salmon choices in the air fryer!

Pepper and Egg

This Lenten classic is back! Scrambled eggs, sautéed sweet peppers, and melted cheese makes for this incredible and limited time only dish. We will have Pepper and Egg sandwiches available in our hot foods on Ash Wednesday and every Friday during Lent! In addition to our pepper and egg, there will be a meatless special and a fish special every Friday in hot foods!.

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Gourmet Paczki

Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. Tradition has it that you are supposed to eat rich, fatty foods before Lent. Lent starts a period of fasting and reflecting, so many people take the day before as an opportunity to indulge and give into your cravings! 

This celebration is adapted from many different cultures– Carnivale, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, and more. One of our favorite ways to celebrate has been adapted from Polish culture.

A must have on Fat Tuesday– Paczki! Paczki are a Polish donut usually with some kind of sweet filling in the middle. In the month of February there are two days dedicated to enjoying Paczki– Fat Tuesday and National Paczki Day. Fat Tuesday is always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent) and National Paczki Day is the Thursday before that. This is because in Poland many people indulge in Paczki on the Thursday before Lent, known as Fat Thursday or Tlusty Czwartek. It can be dated back to centuries ago when people would use up all the ingredients in their house before fasting for Lent. The use of eggs, milk, sugar, etc. would result in a delicious treat with a sweet filling. 

Many people believe that not enjoying a Paczki on these days can lead to bad luck… and who would want to risk that?

Looking to indulge on this Fat Tuesday? You’ve come to the right place!

We have a full line of standard and gourmet paczki!  


The classics that you can never go wrong with! There is a flavor for everyone.

  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Bavarian Cream
  • Apple


Love the standard ones, but want to spice it up a bit? These fillings made in house take our paczki to the next level. 

  • Boston Cream
  • Nutella Mousse
  • Strawberry & Whipped Cream
  • Orchard Apple
  • Cannoli
  • Banana Custard

We will also have kings cakes available!

Orders yours today to secure them or stop into one of our locations on 2/13! Available while supplies last

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