National Rotisserie Chicken Day

Whatever you eat on June 2nd, it had better include one or two rotisserie chickens to celebrate National Rotisserie Chicken Day!

Rotisserie chicken is a chicken cooked on a rotisserie, using direct heat to cook because the chicken is placed next to the heat source. The chickens are put onto rods that rotate to ensure optimal juiciness and cooking. 

You can feel good about feeding it to your family. Our chickens are always fresh and never frozen. There are no added hormones or steroids and they are MSG free. In addition to these benefits, the taste is incredible!

Our chicken is known for its outstanding flavor and juiciness. We season it with a special herb rub. The special seasoning is made with a variety of different herbs and spices to give the chicken a unique and delicious flavor. It is our homemade blend that we took the time to test and develop until we got it to the special blend we were proud to feed you and your families!

We offer three different styles of rotisserie chicken– traditional, Mexican, and jerk. Each different style has a unique flavor profile you can’t get anywhere else!

We love using rotisserie chicken in recipes that call for shredded or pulled chicken– in soups, on nachos, and in buffalo chicken dips are just a few ways we use it!

Side Dishes to Complement Rotisserie Chicken

Our Recipe Rack is brimming with recipes for side dishes that will make the perfect accompaniment for National Rotisserie Chicken Day. Why not tempt your guests with some delicious vegetable recipes such as:

You could also keep things simple and healthy with a nutritious salad. Our Cobb Salad takes only ten minutes to prepare and serve, whereas our Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Warm Bacon Balsamic Dressing takes a little more effort but is worth it.

Rotisserie Chicken Leftovers

If you happen to have any leftovers from your rotisserie chicken recipes, you have many options to choose from to make some delightful recipes. Chicken is such a versatile ingredient that can be used in salads, sandwiches, soups, casseroles, and more. Check out our Recipe Rack for the full list of recipes that involve chicken.

Buy Your Ingredients at Caputo’s

When planning your National Rotisserie Chicken Day celebration, choose Caputo’s for all your ingredients. From ready-flavored rotisserie chickens that only need to be put into the oven to all the ingredients for your side dishes, Caputo’s has it all. Fresh, flavorful food is what we’re known for, and we can guarantee you will have a great party and your guests will leave happy. Shop online or at one of our Caputo’s stores today.

From Our Family To Yours

Recipes for the Ultimate Barbecue

The sun is shining into the evening, and the days are getting warmer. You smell the neighbor’s barbeque and think you should get in on the action. At Caputo’s, we have mouthwatering recipes that will make everyone want an invite to your next barbeque. Get your supplies from Caputo’s and have your best-ever cookout!

Extra-Special Steak

Give your steak an upgrade with our extra-special Coffee Rubbed Steak recipe. The flavors combine delightfully to give you a steak that is cranked up a notch. Everyone will wonder how you got that flavor and ask you for the recipe.

Grilled Bratwurst Salad

It’s always good to have a little bit of green at a barbeque! Satisfy everyone’s hunger with our Grilled Bratwurst Salad recipe. Simply load your skewer and keep turning it on the barbeque until it’s cooked through. Serve with a salad on the side and twice-baked potatoes. There’s no need to prepare the skewers early; everyone can make their own with the number of vegetables they want. These hot sausages are sure to go down well with your guests.

Tequila Lime Chicken

Our Tequila Lime Chicken may take a little more preparation than our other recipes, but it’s definitely worth it. It tastes best if it has been marinated the day before your barbeque, for all those succulent flavors to do their thing, making the chicken nice and moist. This super tasty dish is also great once it has cooled, so it doesn’t matter if you have leftovers. It is perfect to have with a salad and double-baked potatoes or to take cold on a picnic.

Get Your Best Barbecue Supplies at Caputo’s

Caputo’s is the place to go to get all your delicious, fresh ingredients for a barbecue that will stay long in people’s memories. We live for great food and socializing and only provide you with cuisine you will be proud to present to your guests. Shop at Caputo’s online or in-store and make the most of the summer months with delectable, flavorsome barbecue food using our fantastic recipes, more of which are online.

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Graduation Party Must Haves

We can’t believe another school year is winding down. AS the countdown to summer gets shorter and shorter, that means many students are preparing to start a new chapter in their lives. The graduates are getting ready to walk and we are getting ready to celebrate them!

Having a get together to honor the accomplishments of your student? We know emotions are high as life milestones pass by, so let us take some of the party stress off you. Our catering department is ready to help you make your event perfect!

Full meals, individual platters, desserts, just one part of the meal… Whatever you need, we’re here to help! We take pride in creating delicious meals with the best ingredients, all items are made from scratch so you can be sure you’re getting quality dishes! Family is who we are and we want you to make the most of all the time you can spend with your family.

Here are some grad party staples:

Antipasto trays

Easy for your guests to munch on throughout the party, trays are a staple! We have a variety of different meat, cheese, and olive trays for you to choose from!


With our homemade sauces, we have tons of pasta cuts and sauces for you to choose from. We also offer specialty pasta dishes like pasta with rapini, sausage, carbonara, frutti di mare, and more!


Chicken, salmon, beef, sausage and peppers… we have it all! We even offer deluxe meal packages which include multiple components of the meal!


We love tradition which is why you can find some specialty items that might be hard to find elsewhere! Lasagna rollups, eggplant and ricotta roll ups, antipasto salads, stuffed peppers… we’ve got all the goods!


Our La Bella Romana bakery team is ready to work with you to make your party a success! With customizable cookies, specialty cakes, school color treats, a custom party cannoli, and more. Your guests are sure to have their sweet tooth satisfied. 

To place your catering order, shop online or call us at (630) 620-4444 ext 1040. To place your bakery order, email us at or call us at (630) 620-4444 ext 1036.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

From Our Family To Yours

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It is the day to honor your mom and all those who you have maternal bonds with.

I am incredibly grateful to have many strong, beautiful women to celebrate, two of which hold a very special place in my heart, Romana Caputo and Antonella Caputo Presta.

Our matriarch and my grandmother, Romana Caputo, was one of the best women there was. Any person who has crossed her path is sure to tell you a memory centered around her cooking skills, generosity, or classiness. A self taught cook, she spent hours in the kitchen preparing for various occasions and meals. No one who encountered my Nonna was left hungry. It was her mission to make sure all of her loved ones were happy and she did everything she could to lift others up. She was always there for her husband, Angelo Caputo, as his biggest support and his rock through his long, grueling days of hard work. She made sacrifices to help him achieve his dreams. She had the biggest heart and the kindest soul. The picture of class, she made everyone in her presence feel like a part of her family. It is inspired by her beauty and exceptional cooking skills that we get the name of our private label, La Bella Romana. Translated to the Beautiful Romana,  Angelo created our private label as a way to acknowledge all she did for our family and company. Although gone too soon, she has left a beautiful legacy and we continue to honor her in every way that we can. Her spirit and her mission lives on through her daughter, Antonella.

Another integral part of the foundation of our family and business is my mother, Antonella Caputo Presta. She is the perfect example of a mother, daughter, grandmother, business owner– really of just a woman in general. Her selflessness, humbleness, and hard work are inspiring. She is the heart and soul of our family– a devoted mother and the best nonna, she does everything she can for her family. My siblings and I spent some time reflecting this year on what we’ve learned from our mom and the memories and lessons were countless. She has taught us everyday tools like don’t wake a sleeping baby, drive defensively, and always clean as you go. She is a woman of faith and lets her trust in God guide her and encourages all of us to do the same. Some of her other lessons that our family carries with us everyday are do what you know is right and let God control the rest, you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life so don’t judge, the importance of family, and so many more. She is always there for a hug, a meal, a prayer, or anything we may need. 

I am so blessed to have my grandmother and mother as role models in my life. They are everything I hope to be one day. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Nonna and Mommy, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers and motherly figures ❤️

From Our Family To Yours

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Our Mouthwatering Recipes

Who is ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? You don’t have to be from Mexico to celebrate the fantastic culture and their delicious food. You may have sorted your decorations and place settings but what about the food? Fear not; we at Caputo’s have the perfect fish tacos and enchilada recipes, plus the tastiest guacamole and nachos that are ideal to make in bulk for a family party that will put you in the mood! Continue reading to create a Cinco de Mayo party your family and friends will never forget.

The Best Fish Tacos

No Cinco de Mayo party would be complete without tacos. Our Crispy Fish Tacos with Avocado and Pineapple Salsa is our favorite taco dish. The salsa perfectly complements the fish. You’ll have to be quick to get your hands on one of these as we guarantee there won’t be any left by the end of the night. If fish isn’t your thing, we have plenty of other taco recipes to get your taco fix! Search our Recipe Rack for “tacos” to find more.

Enchiladas with A Twist

Delight your vegetarian friends with these Vegetarian Green Chile Enchiladas! The prep time with these is only 15 minutes, and then simply cook in the oven. A great twist on a classic, this is a dish that everyone can enjoy.

Super-Simple Nachos

We like to keep things simple but delicious when hosting a party. These sheet pan nachos are a crowd-pleaser and easy to make. Toppings can be altered to keep even the fussiest guest happy. We can’t think of anyone who would be able to resist this tasty dish.

The Perfect Dish to Serve with Guacamole

You could put a dish of guacamole and a spoon on the table, and everyone would be happy, but we recommend serving your guacamole with this mouthwatering chicken quesadillas recipe. This only takes 5 minutes to prep and 8 minutes to cook. Everyone’s a winner with these.

Drinks and Desserts

No party is complete without some Mexican-themed drinks and desserts. Tequila, margaritas, and craft beer are popular Mexican alcoholic drinks. Provide raspberry hibiscus iced tea and Horchata for those not drinking alcohol.

For dessert, churros are a no-brainer, and you can easily satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with a Tres Leches cake. With all of these recipes, everyone’s going to want to come to you for Cinco de Mayo every year!

Party with Caputo’s

You can find all the ingredients for your Cinco de Mayo party at Caputo’s. When searching for recipes, you can add all the ingredients directly to your shopping basket to make things even easier! Pop down to your local Caputo’s or shop online today.

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