Movie Night Snacks

The end of summer is near, unfortunately. That doesn’t mean you can’t soak up those last days and nights! Wind down and enjoy the beautiful nights still ahead! One way to do that, and outdoor movie! 

Whether you find a drive-in movie, a movie in the park, or you set something up in the comfort of your own backyard, an outdoor movie is a great way to go! You’ll need blankets, pillows, and lots of good snacks!

When it comes to snacks, we have you covered!  Here are 5 must have movie snacks


Popcorn with a movie… a must! We have tons of different options for you to pick from– movie theater butter, kettle corn, light butter, you name it! If you want to add a little extra flavor to your popcorn we have tons of flavor toppings that will take it to a whole new level! Another great mix? Add some m & m’s to your popcorn for some salty and sweet!


Our bulk section is the perfect place for all your candy shopping. Tons of variety and enough for the whole family to snack on. Watermelon slices, chocolate covered pretzels, sour gummy worms, gummy bears… we have tons of options for everyone to choose from! The other great thing about the candy in our bulk section is that each pack is filled with candy! Our full, clear containers make it so you know exactly how much is in there!

Ice Cream

You can turn movie night into a sundae night! Get your favorite ice cream flavor and your favorite toppings! You can also go for ice cream bars, conesm or popsicles. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, ice cream is always a great option. It’s good for summer nights and movie nights. Stop by one of our gelato cases and pick out your favorite flavors or you browse the frozen aisle for your favorite options!

La Bella Romana Parfaits

These homemade parfaits make for a great treat! Layers of cake and fillings in different flavors. The parfaits are made daily in our bakery with fresh ingredients. They’re great size for sharing or enjoying it all yourself (because who likes to share dessert)! 


Good before, during, or after the movie, pizza is a great movie munchie! Our take and bake pizzas are easy to make and delicious! Plain cheese, sausage, supreme, there is something for everyone! It’s good for adults and children alike which makes it perfect for 

Don’t forget the drinks! Fresh squeezed lemonade, wine, or pop, we have it all!

A movie night is the perfect way to enjoy the summer nights with your loved ones. So pick your favorite movie and take a trip to Caputo’s to get all you need! 

From Our Family To Yours

Sandwich Recipes

Our international deli has a large variety of imported, domestic, and premium meats, cheeses, and olives. Whether you’re looking for sandwich ingredients, antipasto items, or just something to keep in your fridge for a quick snack, our deli is fully stocked with all of your needs.

August is National Sandwich and Panini Month! With all the offerings of our deli, the options of sandwiches you can make are endless. You can make a different sandwich everyday… each one better than the last!

In our family, we have a bit of a competition over who is the best sandwich maker in the family! Here is each of our go-to sandwiches:

Robertino Sr

Meat: Prosciutto di Parma

Cheese: Homemade bocconcini

Bread: La Bella Romana Baguette



A Caprese Sandwich

Cheese: Homemade bocconcini

Produce: Tomatoes, fresh basil

Extras:  olive oil, salt, roasted red peppers

Bread: a mini bouchon roll


Meat: Boar’s Head Honey turkey, Boar’s Head mesquite smoked turkey

Cheese: Hoffman super sharp cheddar

Bread: Asiago Bagel

Robertino Jr

Meat: Mortadella

Cheese: Bocconcini

Bread: Bouchon


Meat: Turkey

Cheese: pepper jack

Extras:lettuce, chipotle mayo

Bread: sliced ciabatta



Meat: Prosciutto di Parma, salami

Cheese: Homemade ricotta seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, and oregano

Extras: mild giardiniera relish, sub dressing, toasted in a panini machine

Bread: Mini focaccia or sliced italian bread

**toasted or grilled in panini machine**


Meat: smoked turkey, smoked ham, bacon

Cheese: Havarti 

Extras: lettuce, avocado, mayo, olive oil, black pepper

Bread: sourdough

Whose sandwich sounds the best to you? Cast your votes in the comments below!

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Food Truck

One of the best parts about summer is all the outdoor fests and activities. There is always good food and entertainment. One thing we love about the warmer months is that we get to bring our food truck out and about!

With our Mobile Cucina, we are bringing our kitchen to you! 

Our mobile cucina is equipped with a stovetop, fryers, and more so that we can cater to all your needs. The menu is continuously changing, but we can do a variety of different options. A few of our favorites

  • Tacos
  • Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich
  • Homemade Sausage Sandwich
  • Beef Sandwich
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Hand Cut French Fries
  • Imported Zucchini Flowers

Just to name a few! The best part is that the menu can be changed and updated to fit the needs of the event!

Did you know that you can have our Mobile Cucina at your next party? Take your party to the next level by catering with our food truck. It’s our same delicious food served in a unique way!

Call us at (866)227-8867 or email us at

From Our Family To Yours