Item of the Week– Tiramisu

An important food group in Italy, dessert! Delicious gelato, simple cookies, or sweet pastries, dessert is a part of the meal that everyone looks forward to!

One beloved dessert is tiramisu!

Tiramisu is a dessert which consists of cocoa powder, coffee soaked lady fingers or sponge cake, and a mascarpone filling. It is simple, sweet, and encapsulates some of the best Italian tastes and aromas.

We have homemade tiramisu in a variety of different ways. A full cake, an individual slice, or a tiramisu parfait which is like a deconstructed tiramisu! 

You can’t honor Italy without making a decadent tray of tiramisu. With the accent of chocolate and coffee, this famous dessert can be enjoyed with or without the preceding plate of pasta. Besides being a creamy, rich follow-up, this sweet treat can be presented at any occasion to impress your guests!

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Item of the Week– Meatballs

The tradition of the Sunday family meal is very important in an Italian family which is why this week’s item is perfect for Italian Heritage Month! No Sunday dinner is complete without sauce and meatballs! 

Our Week 4 item of the Week is La Bella Romana meatballs!

Meatballs are a very versatile item– whether you want a meatball sandwich, pasta and meatballs, or just a meatball on its own, our La Bella Romana meatballs are perfect! Our meatballs are made from scratch, just like ma or nonna would make them! We use fresh ingredients for the best flavor.

We have jumbo or mini meatballs available daily in our prepared foods section. 

Love our meatballs or shop with us for your family’s special meatball recipe? Tag us in your meatball pictures for a chance to win a Caputo’s gift card!

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“Honorary Angelo Caputo Way” Street Naming

On October 14th, the northwest corner of Grand and Harlem Avenues became known as “Honorary Angelo Caputo Way” after a motion passed by the Village of Elmwood Park President, Angelo “Skip” Saviano and the Village Board of Trustees at the September Board Meeting. 

This resolution comes just a few months after the peaceful passing of Angelo Caputo– who returned home to Heaven to reunite with his beloved wife, Romana Caputo, on June 16. 

In 1958 in Elmwood Park, IL, an Italian emigrant looking to live out the American Dream opened what would later become Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets. 

A true legend and pioneer in the industry, Angelo Caputo created opportunities for so many. He was and will always be a guiding force and inspiration for his family who strives everyday to keep his incredible legacy alive and honor his name with the continued operation and growth of Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets. The values Angelo instilled in his family and the example he set of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and customer service are guiding principles of the company. 

This resolution is an incredible honor and a beautiful tribute to the astonishing man who had nothing but respect and gratitude for the Village of Elmwood Park, the place where his dream came to life. 

Watch the ceremony here

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Item of the Week– Margherita Pizza

Italian Heritage Month continues and we’re on week 3! 

One of the top foods in Italy is pizza! There is nothing like the smell, taste, or look of a pizza fresh out of the oven. The ingredients on the pizza make all the difference, the fresher the ingredients, the better the pizza! One type of pizza that embraces some of the freshest ingredients that is also our item of the week is a margherita pizza!

This classic thin-crust pizza originated in Naples, Italy, and it honors the Italian flag: Red from imported San Marzano tomatoes, green from fresh basil and white from gooey rounds of fresh mozzarella. 

This simple pizza recipe is a must-have during National Italian Heritage month and it is only available for a limited time only! This week only, we will be offering a La Bella Romana margherita pizza for you to try out and post about for your chance to win a Caputo’s gift card!

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Item of the Week- Arancini

Italian Heritage Month continues and we continue giving away Caputo’s gift cards!

Our Week 2 Item of the Week is arancini! 

Arancini is a traditional Italian street food. 

It is thought to have originated in Sicily in the 10th century. The name arancini comes from the word orange (arancia) because the shape and color is similar to an orange. Arancini is a ball of rice stuffed with a delicious filling! There are many ways to make arancini and the filling is different for each person. 

At Caputo’s we make our own, homemade arancini in our commissary everyday. We offer 2 different versions. 

Our meat arancini are stuffed with our homemade meat ragu and peas. Our second version is stuffed with spinach. 

Love our La Bella Romana arancini or shop at Caputo’s to get the ingredients to make your own? Show us! Arancini are our item of the week. Take a photo, post it, and tag us for the chance to win a Caputo’s gift card this week!

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