How About Them Apples?!

Fall is on the air which means it’s a whole new season for fresh produce! There are certain items that we look forward to when the weather changes. One of those is apples!! 

While apples are available year round, there is something about fall and apples that go hand in hand. Large, juicy apples fresh from the farm are a fall staple for us. 

And let’s not forget all the different ways you can consume apples. You have apple pie, cider, caramel apples, and more!

With so many different varieties of apples, there are some for every taste. Apples are versatile, so they can be enjoyed at all times of the day! A snack or a side, breakfast or lunch, dinner or dessert… apples can be used!

Here are a variety of different recipes that all allow you to incorporate apples!

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Sweet potatoes and apples work together in a seasonal side dish that complements a meal perfectly! Get the recipe here

Cider Glazed Apple Bundt Cake

T’is the season and this is the perfect dish! It has a little bit of everything that fall offers. Get the recipe here

Apple Quesadilla

This super easy and different dessert is a family favorite! Easy to prepare and full of flavor, these quesadillas are a great use of fresh apples! Get the recipe here

Let us know how you’re enjoying the fall apple crop and what you’re making! For even more ideas, head to The Recipe Rack and search apples in the search tool!

From Our Family To Yours

National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is September 29 and it’s one day we are so excited to celebrate! If you’re like us, there is nothing we look forward to more than our morning cappuccino or afternoon espresso. 

National Coffee Day has us thinking about our favorite, different ways to enjoy coffee. A warm cup of coffee on a chilly morning, an iced coffee on a hot morning, and so much more! Here are some unique ways to enjoy coffee!

Angelo’s Favorite– an espressino 

An espressino is much like a mini cappuccino. It is equal parts espresso and milk with a little bit of foam on top. This drink is Angelo’ go-to. You will see him in our stores everyday sipping on an espressino (or three). This is great for a midday pick-me-up.

With cookies

Coffee and cookies is like a match made in heaven. Dunk your cookies in coffee or just have something a little sweet to munch on as you enjoy your coffee. Our La Bella Romana almond cookies or butter cookies are a great compliment to any cup of coffee. 

As an affogato 

What’s an affogato? It’s like heaven in a cup! An affogato is a coffee based dessert. It is a scoop of ice cream topped with a shot of espresso. The two mix together and create a delicious taste that you wish would never end. You can choose whichever flavor of ice cream you like, but our personal favorites are caffe or nocciola!

Coffee Rubbed Steak

Who says you can’t have coffee in your dinner too? A simple coffee rub draws out the beef’s natural flavors and adds a distinguishing complexity. It is simple to do and tastes delicious! Check out this easy recipe from The Recipe Rack here

We hope you’re as excited as we are for National Coffee Day! To celebrate, we’ve put together a little gift package for you to enjoy yourself or give to someone you know who loves coffee! The package includes a Caputo’s coffee mug, a bag of Caffe Angelo handcrafted, whole bean coffee, and two of our homemade biscotti! These will be available starting 9/29 and are only while supplies last. Plus, they are only $12.99! So stop by and get yours!

From Our Family To Yours

Fruitful Yield in Naperville

We have exciting news! We have teamed up with another local, family owned business.

We are thrilled to announce that Fruitful Yield has opened up within our Naperville store. This is the second “store within a store” concept for our families. The partnership came naturally as we are both family businesses looking to nourish our customers. We both have a passion for looking out for the well being of our customers by providing the healthiest and highest quality products. 

Here is a bit more info about what you can expect and the grand opening:

Two of Chicagoland’s favorite local retailers have joined forces once again! Health and supplement shop Fruitful Yield and grocer Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market have partnered together to create a second store-within-a-store.

An express version of Fruitful Yield can be found in Angelo Caputo’s wellness department at its Chicagoland Naperville location. Fruitful Yield in Angelo Caputo’s plans to focus specifically on natural health, beauty and supplements. The goal of the stores teaming together is to provide shoppers with a one-stop-shop for all of their health, wellness and grocery needs. 

Naperville is the second Angelo Caputo’s location with a Fruitful Yield so far–in addition to the one found in Carol Stream. The two companies are enthusiastic about the partnership.

According to Fruitful Yield President Joe Fulco, “Fruitful Yield is extremely excited to be expanding our partnership with Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market with the opening of our second Fruitful Yield Store within Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market in Naperville. Being two family-owned brands that care greatly about the health and wellbeing of their customers is what makes our partnership work. We are honored to be here. We look forward to working with our customers and helping them find healthy products for their unique needs.”

“We felt that the partnership was natural,” added Robertino Presta, CEO of Angelo Caputo’s. “Two local, family businesses that specialize in promoting healthy products and a healthy lifestyle. We couldn’t be any happier.” 

Fans of the two businesses can come to the grand opening the weekend of Sept. 18. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for Friday 9:00 am. The health store plans to hand out healthy goodie bags and raffle gift baskets to lucky winners throughout the weekend. Popular health brands like NOW Foods and Emerald Labs will be on site with their own offerings. Masks and social distancing are a must for the event.

Be sure to also visit Fruitful Yield at Angelo Caputo’s of Carol Stream that same weekend for their one-year anniversary celebration! The Carol Stream location will have its own goodies and raffle. 

Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market operates seven stores in the Chicagoland area. Bloomingdale, Ill.-based Fruitful Yield has 14 stores in the area.

From Our Family To Yours

Wine Making

September comes with a lot of symbolism. It might mean the start of fall, back to school, football season, and more! To us, September is synonymous with Wine Grapes!

Keeping traditions alive is an important passion of our family and homemade wine has been a tradition for ages. You may remember helping your Nonno crush grapes or putting the cork in the bottle. Making wine is a yearly event that requires patience and hard work. Every wine maker has their own process!

We bring in a wide variety of wine grapes and juice every year for this custom. 

Our grapes come from a grower in California who we have been doing business with for over 30 years. The grower has a specific process when it comes to picking grapes– he chooses to leave the grapes on the vine to allow the sugar to continue to develop in the fruit. The sugar in the fruit is vital to the alcohol content that will be found in your homemade wine.

Some of the grape varieties include merlot, pinot noir, zinfandel, chardonnay, and more!

We offer juice from California or Italy, but juice has not arrived quite yet!

We have tons of supplies for your wine making process. From corks to bottles to pressers, we have the crucial tools you need to get your wine making process underway.  These supplies are available year round.

We sell wine grapes out of our warehouse located in Carol Stream and out of our Elmwood Park store.

First of the season wine grapes have been delivered. Juice is expected within the next two weeks! All grapes and juice are while supplies last!

You can check out our webpage for more info here

From Our Family To Yours

A look at our famous, homemade sausage

At Caputo’s, we take pride in producing the highest quality and best tasting products. In order to do this, we take a lot of steps to ensure that everything is being done properly and with the best ingredients. One example of this is how we make our sausage.

Our sausage is made in-house daily. The process starts with our old-world tradition of using hand-trimmed lean pork. We mix the pork with our private blend of spices and seasonings, developed specifically for our sausage. 

Our recipes and sausage making process have been tested, tweaked, and perfected throughout the years. We believe in transparency, so you can trust that what you’re eating is authentic!

We went behind the scenes with our boss and Angelo Caputo’s son-in-law, Robertino Presta, to show exactly how our sausage is made every single day.

From Our Family To Yours