Italian Heritage Month Contest

October is Italian National Heritage Month and we are spending the whole month celebrating. 

Our founder, Angelo Caputo, immigrated to America from Italy in his late teens. He soon after opened Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets and his goal was to serve the growing Italian community in Chicago. He started with produce and slowly started adding more items, always keeping Italian specialties in mind. Since then, we have grown and are proud that our commitment to international imports and specialties has grown with us! We have a passion for keeping Italian traditions and culture alive! 

 Throughout the month, we are taking a look at some of our favorite traditional or imported Italian items. We have picked items for each week and by enjoying them too, you can win a Caputo’s gift card! 

Here’s how it works:

Each week in the month of October (starting September 29th), we will pick a new item that is imported from Italy or significant to Italian culture. This item will be announced in our ad, on social media, on our newsletter, and on our webpage. 

The Rules:

  1. Be sure to be following us on social media
    • Instagram: @angelocaputosfreshmarkets
    • Facebook: @AngeloCaputos
    • Twitter: @shopcaputos
  2. Head to your nearest Caputo’s (or place an order for pickup or delivery) and find the Item of the Week
  3. Take a picture of the item and post it
    • Tag us and use #CaputosContest
    • Post a picture– in store, how you enjoy the item at home… get creative!
  4. At the end of each week, we will pick a random winner from the submissions and he or she will win a $20 Caputo’s gift card! 

You can get all the details (like what to do if your social accounts are private) on our website here!

Week 1 Item

Our contest will officially start on 9/29! The Item of the Week for week 1 (9/29-10/5) is Lupini Beans!

Lupini are a common Mediterranean snack related to chickpeas and lentils. In addition to their delicious taste, they are full of nutrients too. Lupini are a great source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and more. It can help your heart, lower your cholesterol, help your digestive health, and more!

Lupini is a bean inside a thick skin. The skin is edible, but it is thick and almost wax like. Most people prefer to take the bean out of the skin before eating.

Lupini are great as a salty snack on their own, in an antipasto tray, in a salad, and more!

Head to the store and get your lupini. Post pictures and tag us for your first chance to enter our item of the week contest! Follow the rules above or visit our website for more info.

From Our Family To Yours

Best Fall Produce

Fall has officially begun! We can expect brisker days, Sundays spent watching football, fun activities, and some great produce!

Fall brings about some of the freshest seasonal produce! 

Here are 4 of the best fall fruits and veggies, and some ideas of what to do with them! 

1. Brussel Sprouts

From the cabbage family, brussel sprouts are a great fall veggie packed with health benefits! 

It is a great source of vitamin k which is essential for blood clotting and bone health. They are high in fiber which is great for your digestive and gut health.v They are a good source of omega 3’s (thanks to the alpha-linoleic acids which convert to omega 3’s) which can help with cholesterol and blood pressure.

Brussel Sprouts have a mild flavor that really adapts to what you cook it with! You can roast, steam, sautee… uit’s up to you! 

A  great way to cook them that really enhances the flavor and makes for a great side dish? Bacon Braised Brussel Sprouts

2. Apples

Apple picking is a classic fall activity. Fall is great for a juicy, crisp apple and we bring in a variety of locally grown apples throughout the fall season! These are great for cooking, baking, or even eating by themselves for a snack!

There’s so much you can do with them, but using apples for making a sweet dessert is one of our favorites! Get the very best of fall with this Cider Glazed Apple Bundt Cake

3. Pears

Fall is a great time to enjoy pears. Bartlett, anjou, bosc, comice… so many to choose from! They are all uniquely delicious and have great benefits like they are high in fiber, can boost your immune system, lower cholesterol and more! 

You can incorporate pears in so many dishes. They are great to throw in a salad,  add to a side dish, or even use on your pizza! Try this Pear, Goat Cheese, and Pistachio Pizza for your next pizza night! 

4. Pumpkins

The iconic fall vegetable… pumpkins! Not only are pumpkins fun to take pictures with or spend the night carving, they are also delicious to eat! That beautiful orange color of pumpkins isn’t just to make them pretty, the orange color comes from the high amount of beta-carotene. This then converts to vitamin A which makes it great for your eye health! Beta-carotene is also great for your immune system, and can help with skin protecting. These are just a few perks of incorporating pumpkins in your fall diet. 

When you think of pumpkin, you can’t help but think of pumpkin desserts! The natural sweetness makes pumpkin puree a main ingredient in many fall sweets. Why not try to use it as a side though? Try these Pumpkin dinner rolls! These pair perfectly with butter and a little cranberry sauce or enjoy it on the sweeter side with butter and a little cinnamon sugar.

From Our Family To Yours

Orland Park

We are very excited to officially be opened for business in Orland Park! On September 8th, we will open our doors and start serving Orland Park and surrounding communities. 

We will bring the best of what we’re known for. Here are some of the things you can look forward to in our brand new store! 

We have fresh, top quality meats and seafood. Fresh produce which we still buy daily, just like Angelo would do when he started over 60 years ago. Cut fruit and salsas made fresh in house. An international deli which features imported and domestic meats, cheeses, and olives of the highest quality, Our La Bella Romana Bakery which features items made from scratch daily, many of which are Romana’s very own recipes– amaretti cookies, cannoli, eclairs, butter cookies, and more! 

We have a large variety of items imported from all over the world! Olive oil, pasta, pasta sauce, canned tomatoes, taralli, olives, and more! 

We have an extensive line of prepared foods! You’ll find a large line of homemade meals, sides, entrees, soups, pasta sauces, and more. All of these items are made from scratch daily. All natural and no preservatives. It’s just like you would cook at home, but without all the mess. 

Our hot foods department has a hot bar, a pizza station, a fresh made sushi station, and more so you can have a good, homemade meal right in the store.

 Bar Angelo where you can get a coffee, espresso, beer, wine, or mixed drink! Enjoy a beverage or a coffee at one of our tables or even bring it with you while you shop. Then stop by the gelato case and pick from our variety of authentic gelato flavors for a delicious treat. 

This opening is bittersweet for us as it marks our first new store since we lost our heart, soul, and founder. We know Angelo and Romana are looking down on us as we expand. We will continue to honor and respect their names.

We hope to see you at our new store and we look forward to serving you!

Where: 11333 W 159th St, Orland Park, IL

Store Hours: 6am-9:30pm

From Our Family To Yours