Best Fall Produce

Fall has officially begun! We can expect brisker days, Sundays spent watching football, fun activities, and some great produce!

Fall brings about some of the freshest seasonal produce! 

Here are 4 of the best fall fruits and veggies, and some ideas of what to do with them! 

1. Brussel Sprouts

From the cabbage family, brussel sprouts are a great fall veggie packed with health benefits! 

It is a great source of vitamin k which is essential for blood clotting and bone health. They are high in fiber which is great for your digestive and gut health.v They are a good source of omega 3’s (thanks to the alpha-linoleic acids which convert to omega 3’s) which can help with cholesterol and blood pressure.

Brussel Sprouts have a mild flavor that really adapts to what you cook it with! You can roast, steam, sautee… uit’s up to you! 

A  great way to cook them that really enhances the flavor and makes for a great side dish? Bacon Braised Brussel Sprouts

2. Apples

Apple picking is a classic fall activity. Fall is great for a juicy, crisp apple and we bring in a variety of locally grown apples throughout the fall season! These are great for cooking, baking, or even eating by themselves for a snack!

There’s so much you can do with them, but using apples for making a sweet dessert is one of our favorites! Get the very best of fall with this Cider Glazed Apple Bundt Cake

3. Pears

Fall is a great time to enjoy pears. Bartlett, anjou, bosc, comice… so many to choose from! They are all uniquely delicious and have great benefits like they are high in fiber, can boost your immune system, lower cholesterol and more! 

You can incorporate pears in so many dishes. They are great to throw in a salad,  add to a side dish, or even use on your pizza! Try this Pear, Goat Cheese, and Pistachio Pizza for your next pizza night! 

4. Pumpkins

The iconic fall vegetable… pumpkins! Not only are pumpkins fun to take pictures with or spend the night carving, they are also delicious to eat! That beautiful orange color of pumpkins isn’t just to make them pretty, the orange color comes from the high amount of beta-carotene. This then converts to vitamin A which makes it great for your eye health! Beta-carotene is also great for your immune system, and can help with skin protecting. These are just a few perks of incorporating pumpkins in your fall diet. 

When you think of pumpkin, you can’t help but think of pumpkin desserts! The natural sweetness makes pumpkin puree a main ingredient in many fall sweets. Why not try to use it as a side though? Try these Pumpkin dinner rolls! These pair perfectly with butter and a little cranberry sauce or enjoy it on the sweeter side with butter and a little cinnamon sugar.

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