What’s Cookin’?

  Are you craving a home-cooked meal, but don’t have the time to do everything by hand? Want something that’s quick, but still healthy for your whole family? We have just what you need! At Caputo’s we have everything you need to make a delicious meal that is healthy and won’t take too much of your time! 

Your first stop on the shopping trip will be in our meat department. We have a variety of pre-marinated meat and chicken for you to choose from. Because they are all pre-marinated, all you have to do is take them home and cook them. Some of our pre-marinated chickens include, rosemary and herb, garlic parmesan, mediteranian style, and more. These are all-natural with no preservatives, making it an easy meal solution that is good for you and your family. 


You can’t forget sides to go along with the meal! We all know that cutting and cleaning vegetables is a tedious task that is time consuming, so let us do it for you! Chicken is easy to pair with mostly anything, especially vegetables. We have a few different options to give you a shortcut when finishing off your meal. You can check out our cut foods section. Cut foods has vegetables that are already cut and cleaned for you, so you just have to cook them and season them to your liking! You can also browse through the prepared foods section where we have some already cooked and seasoned vegetables with incredible flavor. Some of my favorites that can be paired nicely with any of the pre-marinated chicken options are green beans and zucchini!

When you’re done, check out our liquor section to get a nice bottle of wine so you can begin to unwind after a long day because you deserve it!

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Percocas Have Arrived!

The fruit that we have been waiting for the whole summer has officially arrived! That fruit is of course percoca peaches! This fruit, exclusive to Caputo’s, is just what the rest of your summer needs.

 Percoca peaches are an Italian specialty variety of clingstone peach best known for their flavor. Clingstone peaches are known as fruit that does not fall off the pit. This makes it ideal for canning because it will stay together. In fact, over 90% of percoca peaches are grown for canning. We are lucky enough to be one of the few retailers to carry percocas.

We owe this to a relationship we developed with a California farmer over 30 years ago. Because of our long history, DePalma Farms gets the peach trees from Italy and sends us the infamous percoca peach every summer.


While these peaches are juicy and delicious eaten on their own, they’re even better enjoyed in wine! Their fruity flavor compliments the aromas of the wine. We like to cut the peach, usually in wedges or slices, then add them directly to our glass of wine. While they sit in the wine, they start to collect the juices and soak. Once you’re done drinking your glass, you get to eat the peach for a nice treat at the end!\\

Haven’t tried percocas yet? Stop by and get yours now!


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Italy’s Favorite Drink

Are you wondering what the orange drinks that have been taking over your Instagram and Facebook feeds? One of Italy’s most popular drinks has been taking the world by storm and rightfully so. The Aperol Spritz is the drink of the summer because of it’s refreshing and fruity flavor. 

Aperol is an aperitivo or aperitif, an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite. Aperol was created in Padua in the 1910s by the Barbieri Brothers after inheriting the company from their father. Aperol is still the same recipe from 1919, but the aperol spritz did not gain popularity until the 1950s. Since then, the drink has grown in popularity. A great thing about this drink is the simple ingredients and how easy it is to make it!

Heres how to make it:

1. Fill a glass with ice

2. Add the  Aperol and Prosecco

*the amount of Aperol and Prosecco you adds depends on your personal preference. If you prefer sweet drinks to bitter drinks, add more Prosecco than Aperol. Aperol is a bitter*

3. Add a dash of soda water

4. Garnish with an orange slice

Enjoy! Let us know how you liked the Aperol Spritz down below!

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Sausage like no other!

Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets is known for many unique specialities. Our various departments and items can take you on a trip around the world just by roaming our aisles. If you are looking to take be transported to Italy, take a look at our meat department. Our homemade sausage is full of flavors and aromas that will make your home taste like Italy!

Our sausage is made in-house daily. The process starts with our old-world tradition of using hand-trimmed lean pork. We mix the pork with our private blend of spices and seasonings, developed specifically for our sausage. 

Our recipes for our various sausages have been perfected throughout the years. Our different types have different spices or cheeses that make it different from any sausage you have ever tasted. We have devoted time and resources to perfecting our sausage recipes and you can taste it in the end product.’

The flavors and taste you enjoy from the first bite into our Italian sausage is unmatched and you cannot find anything like it. If you have not tried our sausage yet, what are you waiting for?! The only regret you’ll have after tasting it is the fact that you have not been enjoying it sooner!

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Q&A with Angelo Caputo

Angelo Caputo is the founder and reason for our company. He has accomplished so much. We asked him a few of your questions to get to know him better.

  • Do you have a favorite fruit that reminds you of Italy or your childhood?
    • Prickly pears. During the war, prickly pears were readily available, so we ate them at every meal


  • How often do you travel to Italy?
    • When my wife was alive, we would go during the summer and visit her family.


  • What was the biggest obstacle in opening Caputos?
    • We operated outside and had very long hours. 


  • How old when you met Romana?
    • I was 15 years old 


  • Favorite place to go to buy produce for the stores?
    • The Benton Harbor Food Exchange in Michigan where I would go once or twice a week, depending on the time of year. I would leave at 3am, usually with one of my children at my side, to pick up locally homegrown produce picked that same morning. 
  • Of all of your travels, what is your favorite?
    • Visiting Bethlehem, the place where Jesus was born. Another favorite of mine is Lourdes, France.


  • Favorite fruit?
    • Moscato grapes


  • All time favorite meal?
    • A panino. In my hometown, I would go to piazza coperta. There were many stands along the street and I  would ask for a mortadella sandwich. 


  • What do you tell your grandkids?
    • I tell my grandkids they are my life. I also tell them to work hard because it will pay off


  • What is your biggest accomplishment?
    • Our family business in hopes that it will be continued to be handed down through the generations 


  • Favorite soup from Caputo’s
    • Italian wedding


  • Favorite dessert
    • Gelato
  • Favorite saying
    • Work hard, it pays off


  • Favorite thing to do in your free time
    • Play cards 


  • Favorite sport
    • Soccer, I love watching Team Italy play during the World Cup and Euro Cup 

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