La Bella Romana Chili

When it comes to comfort food, chili is one of the top favorites. The fresh ingredients and mixes of spices make it so unique and filling! If you’re looking for a homemade chili to fill this craving, our La Bella Romana Chili is a must try! National Chili Day is February 24th, so grab a bowl and cuddle up on your couch!

Award winning, our La Bella Romana Chili is made from scratch daily in our kitchen commissary. We use fresh ground beef and ground pork from our meat department and a blend of herbs, spices, and veggies that make it delicious and soothing for the soul.

There are so many ways you can enjoy chili other than just eating it on its own! If you want to change it up and bit and get creative, here are 4 ways to enjoy chili other than by itself

As a salad topper

You can use chili to replace dressing! Take a scoop of chili and put it on top of your salad. It adds a lot of flavor and the meat and beans in the chili even adds protein (it sounds strange, but don’t knock it until you try it)

Chili Nachos

Who doesn’t love nachos? Add some chili, cheese, guacamole, and jalapenos to take it to the next level! Use our homemade tortilla chips for an even better plate of nachos. Our chips are made in-house by hand cutting and frying our homemade tortillas which are made in our Addison store daily! 

In Mac and Cheese

Adding chili to mac and cheese is quick and easy. The pasta and cheese from the mac and cheese adds a delicious cheesy gooey-ness to the already delicious chili

Tex Mex Pizza

You can replace pizza sauce with chili for a tex mex pizza! Grab our homemade dough or plain crust and go crazy. All you have to do is add the chili and cheese. The chili already has ground meat and pork, so you get a little bit of everything in every bite!

We hope you enjoy National Chili Day and our La Bella Romana chili!

From Our Family To Yours

Big Game Feast

There are a few main highlights to every watch party for Sunday’s Big Game– the game itself, the halftime show, and the food! There is so much excitement leading up to the Big Game– maybe you’re rooting for a team,you’re excited for the performance, you’re getting together with some friends and family, but no matter what part you’re looking forward to, food is involved! 

People go all out with their spreads, eating the classic football watching dishes! If you’re hosting, but have too much to do to think about what food to prep, we have you covered! 

Our Big Game Feast is back and it’s one you don’t want to pass up because it will make feeding your guests so easy! The feast feeds 10-12 people and has all your game day staples, plus everything is homemade! You can trust you’re getting a  good, quality meal, but without the work! 

The Big Game Feast includes a spread of different foods! The feast comes with 3lbs of chicken wings, 2 pizzas, a half pan of pasta, 3lbs of beef, and 12 pieces of our homemade italian sausage. We’ve got your sides– 5 inch french rolls for your sandwiches and sauteed sweet peppers and giardiniera for extra flavor! It also includes 12 mini chocolate football cakes for dessert! This feast is available hot or cold and is only $109.99! 

You can order the feast here

If you’re not looking for a full feast, make sure you stop by for all you need! Pur homemade chips pair perfectly with any of our homemade dips, salsas, or guac which you can find near our cut fruit. Our rotisserie chicken makes for great pulled chicken for any recipe that calls for it… buffalo chicken dip anyone? Our prepared foods section has homemade wings, pizzas, pulled pork, and more if you’re looking for just a dish or side for your watch party!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

From Our Family To Yours