Percocas Have Arrived!

The fruit that we have been waiting for the whole summer has officially arrived! That fruit is of course percoca peaches! This fruit, exclusive to Caputo’s, is just what the rest of your summer needs.

 Percoca peaches are an Italian specialty variety of clingstone peach best known for their flavor. Clingstone peaches are known as fruit that does not fall off the pit. This makes it ideal for canning because it will stay together. In fact, over 90% of percoca peaches are grown for canning. We are lucky enough to be one of the few retailers to carry percocas.

We owe this to a relationship we developed with a California farmer over 30 years ago. Because of our long history, DePalma Farms gets the peach trees from Italy and sends us the infamous percoca peach every summer.


While these peaches are juicy and delicious eaten on their own, they’re even better enjoyed in wine! Their fruity flavor compliments the aromas of the wine. We like to cut the peach, usually in wedges or slices, then add them directly to our glass of wine. While they sit in the wine, they start to collect the juices and soak. Once you’re done drinking your glass, you get to eat the peach for a nice treat at the end!\\

Haven’t tried percocas yet? Stop by and get yours now!


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  1. Would you be willing to ship to Yonkers, New York when they are in season? My 93 yr. old dad has been trying for years to find them. He used to get them at the market or at Arthur Ave., but no longer

  2. I know it’s too early for percoca, but I have a question. Do you ship percoca? I live on Long Island. Thank you.

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