A look at our famous, homemade sausage

At Caputo’s, we take pride in producing the highest quality and best tasting products. In order to do this, we take a lot of steps to ensure that everything is being done properly and with the best ingredients. One example of this is how we make our sausage.

Our sausage is made in-house daily. The process starts with our old-world tradition of using hand-trimmed lean pork. We mix the pork with our private blend of spices and seasonings, developed specifically for our sausage. 

Our recipes and sausage making process have been tested, tweaked, and perfected throughout the years. We believe in transparency, so you can trust that what you’re eating is authentic!

We went behind the scenes with our boss and Angelo Caputo’s son-in-law, Robertino Presta, to show exactly how our sausage is made every single day.

From Our Family To Yours

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