Mimosa Cake

A very important date globally, and especially in Italy, is March 8th– International Women’s Day! International Women’s Day is the day to celebrate the achievements of women across all areas of life and to show your love and appreciation for all the women in your life. It has become an important yearly celebration and there are many ways to honor this date.

In Italy, this celebration is referred to as La Festa della Donna. Many people celebrate by giving their loved ones flowers, specifically the mimosa flower. The beautiful, bright yellow coloring of the mimosa flower represents the sun and the flower itself is a symbol of strength and sensibility. They are given out as a sign of respect. The flower looks delicate, but in reality it can withstand a lot, just like women.

Our matriarch, Romana Caputo, with a mimosa flower tree in Italy

The appreciation for this flower is what inspired the cake traditionally enjoyed on this day– a Mimosa Cake! 

The mimosa cake or torta mimosa is beautiful outside with a delicious and simple inside. The outside is yellow sponge cake that has been cut into squares and arranged on the outside of the cake to resemble a mimosa flower. The inside is yellow sponge cake and we offer two options. One is simply filled with our homemade custard. The second option is our yellow sponge cake with a pineapple filling since some of the cakes traditionally have a touch of citrus flavor. Both flavors are delicately light, airy, and simply delicious!

If you’re not looking for a whole cake, we also offer mimosa cupcakes!

Honor the strong women in your life by ordering a mimosa cake or cupcakes for them! You can even get the cake customized to say their names or wish a special message! 

 All orders placed through the bakery ahead of time will receive a free Caputo’s cake server with their order! Limited amounts of cakes and cupcakes will be available in store on March 8th, so secure yours by ordering in advance! 

Did you grow up with mimosa cakes, but remember it a little differently? Our bakery team is happy to work with you and make your cake dreams come to life! Email us at lbrbakery@caputomarkets.com or call us at (630) 620-4444 ext 1036

On March 8th, all women will get a yellow rose when they arrive in our stores to shop (while supplies last)!

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