National Amaretto Day

Have you ever heard of amaretto? Amaretto is an Italian liqueur that tastes like sweet almonds. It is traditionally made from things like almonds or stone-fruit pits. This gives amaretto its subtly sweet taste and delicious aroma. It is typically served as a digestivo. In Italy, this means you drink it after dinner to settle your stomach.

April 19th is National Amaretto Day so it is the perfect time to enjoy this delicious liqueur. 

The sweet, nutty flavor makes it easy to sip on by itself, but there are many other ways to use amaretto! In dessert or different drinks– here are 5 other ways to use amaretto!

An Amaretto Sour

One of the most famous cocktails that use amaretto is an amaretto sour. This can be made either with amaretto and sour mix or, our family favorite, amaretto, lemon juice, and simple syrup. The lemon and the sweetness from the simple syrup bring out the delicious nutty notes from the drink itself. 

In Tiramisu

Tiramisu typically consists of a coffee flavored liqueur, but you can add a little extra flavor by swapping the coffee liqueur for amaretto or mixing them together! The result is a next level tiramisu!

In an espresso martini

Just like the amaretto can take your tiramisu to the next level, it can do the same for your espresso martini! The rich espresso and sweet almond flavors blend perfectly together to add a little extra flavor to this dessert cocktail.

With Ice Cream

There is nothing better than a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream or gelato, sometimes it is just good for the soul! Now take the comfort of your favorite flavor of ice cream and pour a little amaretto over it! It will elevate the taste of the simple ice cream, but not in an overwhelming way! Another idea? Make it an affogato! So gelato, a shot of espresso, and a shot of amaretto all in one dish!

In cookies

Amaretto is known to be used in baking too for almond flavored desserts in addition to almond extract. It doesn’t take much and the cookies are incredible. Have you ever tried our homemade amaretti cookies? These almond cookies are made in our bakery daily– the old fashioned way! Adapted from our matriarch’s very own recipe, you’re going to want to try these out!


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