Thanksgiving Feast 2022

Holiday season is quickly approaching! The season starts off with a food lover’s favorite holiday– Thanksgiving! The prep for this day is long and tedious, it means the host will likely spend all day in the kitchen. There is another way though, you can order our homemade Thanksgiving Feast! Our team will be in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning so that you don’t have to!

We want you to enjoy all the aspects of Thanksgiving, so we will do the cooking for you! We offer a full feast that will make your guests full and make your Thanksgiving easier! Our homemade feast feeds 10-12 people. Our feast is made the same way you would at home! We use all natural foods, no preservatives, and the special touch that only comes with homemade food. The feast includes all the fixings for a homemade dinner!

Your meal comes with a 14-16lb turkey, three sides, and a dozen dinner rolls. There are a variety of sides to choose from, but three categories– a vegetable, a potato, and stuffing! You can choose from our variety of options in each category. You can also upgrade your stuffing and try out our Italian sausage stuffing!

You will get cranberry sauce or cranberry jelly and gravy to go with your turkey.

No meal is complete without dessert and Thanksgiving calls for pie! You will get a fresh baked 8-inch La Bella Romana pie, your choice of apple or pumpkin!

All items come hot, fully cooked, and ready to serve. We are in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning so that you don’t have to be.

You can get all of this for only $219.99! We also offer just the turkey without the full meal for only $99.99! 

For more info or to order online, click here

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Wine and Cheese Event

The holidays are quickly approaching and you might be looking for ways to impress your guests. Maybe you’re hosting a wine and cheese night with your friends, or you’re in charge of making the charcuterie board or maybe you just love wine and cheese! Either way, it’s never a bad thing to have knowledge of food and wine!

On December 10th, 2022, we will be having a wine and cheese pairing event at our Carol Stream location.

Here’s what you can expect from this event:

Each attendee will experience 4 sampling courses of cheese paired with wines from all over the World. We will feature products from Wisconsin through France made from cow, sheep, goat and even Buffalo milk!

The courses Start with a Fresh and soft ripened round and end with a dessert round to give you a full Sensory Experience!

You’ll hear from wine experts and cheese mongers  while you enjoy the delicious bites in front of you!

You’ll learn about the taste, flavors, processes, and more while you sample everything the experts are talking about first hand!

Each one of our guests will leave with a gift basket including premium wines, cheeses, and snacks!

You will also leave with a better understand of wine and cheese, and hopefully some new favorites!

On top of the gift basket you leave with, you’ll have a full (and happy) belly and tons of knowledge about wine, cheese, and pairings that you can use to impress your loved ones.

This event is a great date night, girls night, or a fun solo outing leading into the holiday season. Tickets are on sale now and space is limited, so reserve your spot today! Get your tickets here

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Holiday Party Recipes

November has officially started which means the next few months will be full of holiday parties. Your weekends might already be booked from now through the New Year and you might be tasked with bringing dishes to all of these events. 

Maybe a potluck friendsgiving, a side dish for Thanksgiving, or a cookie for your Christmas party! All of these upcoming festivities might already have you tired and stressing about what to make. Need some inspiration?

Here are 5 easy and delicious dishes to impress your friends and family and bring to your upcoming holiday parties

1.Bacon Glazed Squash

Hearty, savory and warm but healthy. This dish is a great side dish. Great because squash is in season with warm flavors and spices!

The Recipe:

2. Cranberry Pecan Stuffing

Cranberries and stuffing are two classic Thanksgiving sides. Combined, they’re a perfect match for your dinner spread.

The Recipe:

3. Eggplant Stuffed Mushrooms

Often made as an appetizer or tapas, Stuffed Mushrooms can also shine as the main component in a vegetarian meal. In this version, eggplant takes center stage alongside the mushrooms and a hearty dose of garlic. Add in some crusty, toasted bread and a salad to complete the Eggplant Stuffed Mushrooms as a meal, or simply serve as a starter course with a unique twist while entertaining.

The Recipe:

4. Creamy Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Shells 

Stuffed jumbo pasta shells are fun and easy to prepare. They also make clever little containers to sneak greens into the meal. Each al dente pasta shell is smothered in sauce, then stuffed with smooth and creamy ricotta and mozzarella cheese, spinach, and Italian seasonings.

The Recipe:

5. Cranberry Upside Down Cake

When you want a holiday dessert that is a show stopper this is just the thing to serve. Oohs and aaahs will abound. Great flavors in a moist cake will put you right in the holiday spirit. 

The Recipe:

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National Pasta Month

October is National Pasta Month! As an Italian family, we know that most every meal includes a good plate of pasta. While we all have a special place in our heart for mom’s sauce on a Sunday, pasta is unique because there is a plethora of sauces, toppings, spices and everyone has a go-to!

There are so many options and add-ins to choose from. At Caputo’s, we pride ourselves in having tons of different pasta cuts available. Tons of brands, different cuts, fresh and frozen, imported. Then pick up your favorite sauce or the ingredients to make your own.

Need some inspiration for your next pasta night? Our family put together each of our favorite pasta dishes

Robertino Sr

The cut: Rigatoni 

Sauce: a fresh sauce made with cherry tomatoes


Cut: orecchiette


Add ins: Ricotta



Sauce: Aglio Olio

Add ins: Shredded parmigiano reggiano, crushed black pepper 

Robertino Jr


Sauce: A white wine Alfredo 

Add ins: Chicken


Cut: Orrechiette

Sauce: aglio olio

Add ins: rapini, sausage


Cut: Orrechiette

Sauce: Supreme Sauce

Add ins: sausage, crushed red pepper, ricotta


Cut: penne

Sauce: vodka

Add ins: chicken

These are just a few of the possibilities. So stop by and get everything you need for your pasta night!

Which one are you making?

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La Bella Romana Soups

The weather is getting colder and we’re getting cozier. This weather change has us reaching to comfort foods and what’s more comforting than a bowl of soup?

Fall staples like chili or vegan butternut squash soup or all time classics chicken noodle or italian wedding, there is a soup for every craving in our extensive line of La Bella Romana soups!

The best part about our La Bella Romana soups, it’s all the comfort and incredible taste of a homemade soup without all the work.

Our soups are made in-house. We use all natural ingredients, no preservatives, and no additives so you can feel good about what you’re eating! We use real cream, fresh vegetables, our homemade sausage, and meat prepared by our meat department. We also have state of the art equipment including a special chilling system that allows us to extend the shelf life of our soups without adding anything into the soup. 

It’s the perfect time to explore the varieties of La Bella Romana soup we offer! We have a full line of soups– vegan, vegetarian, broth, cream, hearty, and nostalgic– we have it all! Some of our recipes are original recipes going back over 20 years. You can get the same soup your mom or nonna would make with flavors that will transport you right back to their kitchen. 

Here are just a few of some soups we offer

  • Chili (awarding winning and will make your taste buds do a happy dance)
  • Cream of Chicken
  • Minestrone
  • Vegan Butternut Squash
  • Chicken and Dumpling
  • Clam Chowder
  • Cream of Broccoli
  • Lentil
  • Beef Barley

and so much more! Check out all of our offerings in store in our prepared foods section!

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Italian Heritage Month Contest

October is Italian National Heritage Month. As a store started by an Italian immigrant, we are proud to celebrate our heritage with you all! 

To us, our Italian culture is a huge part of our foundation as a family and as a business. When our founder, Angelo Caputo, was just a teenager, he aspired to come to America in order to live out the American Dream and be able to provide for himself and his future family. He, like so many other immigrants, saw America as a land of opportunity. So when he had the opportunity to gain US citizenship by enlisting in the US Army, that’s what he did. He came to America at 18 ready to work… and work he did. 

He eventually opened Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets. It started as a little produce market, but as more Italians came to America, he wanted to bring pieces of home here. Eventually, the little produce stand grew to serve a variety of cultures through importing! We continue to grow and bring other country’s staples right to your Caputo’s! 

Your heritage is a big part of who you are. It shapes your values, character, traditions, and so much more. With October being Italian National Heritage Month, we want to recognize some of our shoppers who have a special connection and appreciation of the beautiful Italian Heritage!

Do you know someone who is proud of their Italian heritage and also loves shopping at Caputo’s? Nominate them to be the Caputo’s Italian Heritage Month Shopper! 

We are giving away Caputo’s gift cards to the winner and the person who nominated them!

Here’s what you can win

1st Place

  • $100 gift card for the winner and nominator
  • A Caputo’s goodie basket
  • Social media and website highlight

2nd Place

  • $50 gift card for the winner and nominator
  • Social media and website highlight

3rd Place

  • $25 gift card for the winner and nominator
  • Social media and website highlight

All the details and how to nominate someone here

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4 Fall Apple Recipes

One of our favorite parts of fall is the fresh produce, especially apples! While apples are available year round, there is something about fall and apples that go hand in hand. Large, juicy apples fresh from the local farms are readily available in store

With so many different varieties of apples, there are some for every taste. Apples are versatile, so they can be used in cooking every meal! 

Here are 4 different recipes that embrace the peak of apple season!

1. Apple Quesadilla

A quick, super-yummy dessert little kids can help make and bigger kids can cook up themselves. Perfect for the fresh fall apple crop! Simple to make and delicious, pick your favorite apple and make this any time of day dish!

The Recipe:

2. Apple Cider Bundt Cake

Apples are a classic for fall and so is apple cider! A delicious cake, it’s easy to make and will make your house smell like fall and tastes even better than it smells! The apple cider glaze is just the cherry on top of this already delicious cake!

The Recipe:

3. Sausage, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, and Kale

Salty, roasted sweet potatoes, apples, onions, and kale are tossed with sage and balsamic and topped with roasted sausages for a quick, savory-sweet, satisfying dinner. A one pot dish that includes some of the best fall produce, this is a dinner must try! 

The Recipe:,-sweet-potatoes,-apples,-and-kale

4. Cranberry Apple Chutney

Apples and cranberries just go perfectly with pork or poultry. With Thanksgiving nearing, cranberry cravings must be satisfied! This makes a great side dish or topping.

The recipe:

Get ready for the cooler weather and the crunchy, juicy apples! Now, we hope you put all those apples to good use with some of these recipes!

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5 Slow Cooker Recipes

Football has started, kids are back in school, and the weather is slowly changing which means that fall is near! A great solution to cold weather and busy schedules? A slow cooker! You get tons of delicious and easy meals that everyone will enjoy.

Slow cookers are great for so many reasons! One is that they allow for hands off cooking. Meals are easy to prepare because all the ingredients are in one dish! You just combine and let the cooker work its magic! Another great reason is because the dishes are incredibly flavorful. Slow cooking a meal allows for all the flavors to fully come out throughout the long cooking process. Plus they are easy to use and there are tons of recipes to follow!

Need some inspiration? Here are 5 slow cooker recipes you have to try this fall. 

1. Sausage and Beef Lasagna

This family favorite is loaded with beef, Italian sausage, and three cheeses. Lasagna is a delicious comfort food that is sometimes intimidating to make, but not with this easy recipe! Try this rich Italian classic in the slow-cooker for an easier way to enjoy the hot and bubbly baked goodness.

The Recipe:

2. Beef Roast 

The beef is dry rubbed with spices, and slow cooked until it falls apart into tender pieces. The melt in your mouth meat is accompanied by a variety of vegetables, and gravy made from the stock at the bottom of the pot, making this an easy and hearty dinner everyone will love.

The Recipe:

3. Carnitas Tacos

These slow cooked carnitas are juicy and delicious. Simple to make and bursting with flavor, everyone will love a taco night with this recipe! The best part is that everyone can customize the taco to their liking and carnitas goes with everything

The Recipe:

4. Cauliflower, Chickpea, and Cashew Curry

Curry doesn’t have to be complicated! After several hours of simmering in spices, this easy slow cooker version promises an explosion of flavor at the end of a long day. 

The Recipe:

5. Bolognese Sauce

Who doesn’t love a good Bolognese Sauce? Not only does this recipe offer the convenience of being made in a slow cooker, it’s a great way to add some extra vegetables that even the pickiest of eaters will hardly even notice. This Slow Cooker Bolognese recipe will quickly become a favorite dish you’ll want to make over and over again.

The Recipe:

Embrace the fall weather and cozy vibes with these delicious recipes. Let us know which recipes you try out!

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September Anniversary Events

We love serving all the communities we do and the month of September marks 3 different milestones in 3 different neighborhoods. Come celebrate 1 year in Orland Park, 26 years in Hanover Park, and 8 years in Carol Stream!

3 of our stores are celebrating anniversary events in September and we’re celebrating all month long! Special events, good food, and tons of fun!

Here’s what you can look forward to…

Pumpkin Painting

The perfect way to ring in fall, kids can paint a mini pumpkin for free! A great way to spend a Saturday, kids can let their creative side run free!




9/10/22 in Orland Park

9/17/22 in Hanover Park

9/24/22 in Carol Stream

Cookie Decorating 

Our La Bella Romana bakery is full of made from scratch goods that the whole family will love! While our cookies come decorated, this free event let’s kids do that! Kids will get a 5” sugar cookie baked in our bakery to decorate to their heart’s desire! The best part? You get to take it home and enjoy it as a sweet treat later!




9/11/22 in Orland Park

9/18/22 in Hanover Park

9/25/22 in Carol Stream


We take pride in our homemade food which is why these celebrations call for good food! These menus are available in Orland APrk, Carol Stream, and Hanover Park!

9/10-9/11 BBQ pulled Pork Sandwich and Mac and cheese

9/17-9/18 2pieces of roasted chicken and rice pilaf

9/24-9/25 sausage sandwiches and penne with marinara 

10/1-10/2 grilled lomo tacos and spanish rice

These all come at unbeatable prices and are in addition to our hot foods department at all stores! 

We will have tons more events like pony rides, cotton candy carts, and more! Check back for more info and updated events

We look forward to celebrating with you!

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Movie Night Snacks

The end of summer is near, unfortunately. That doesn’t mean you can’t soak up those last days and nights! Wind down and enjoy the beautiful nights still ahead! One way to do that, and outdoor movie! 

Whether you find a drive-in movie, a movie in the park, or you set something up in the comfort of your own backyard, an outdoor movie is a great way to go! You’ll need blankets, pillows, and lots of good snacks!

When it comes to snacks, we have you covered!  Here are 5 must have movie snacks


Popcorn with a movie… a must! We have tons of different options for you to pick from– movie theater butter, kettle corn, light butter, you name it! If you want to add a little extra flavor to your popcorn we have tons of flavor toppings that will take it to a whole new level! Another great mix? Add some m & m’s to your popcorn for some salty and sweet!


Our bulk section is the perfect place for all your candy shopping. Tons of variety and enough for the whole family to snack on. Watermelon slices, chocolate covered pretzels, sour gummy worms, gummy bears… we have tons of options for everyone to choose from! The other great thing about the candy in our bulk section is that each pack is filled with candy! Our full, clear containers make it so you know exactly how much is in there!

Ice Cream

You can turn movie night into a sundae night! Get your favorite ice cream flavor and your favorite toppings! You can also go for ice cream bars, conesm or popsicles. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, ice cream is always a great option. It’s good for summer nights and movie nights. Stop by one of our gelato cases and pick out your favorite flavors or you browse the frozen aisle for your favorite options!

La Bella Romana Parfaits

These homemade parfaits make for a great treat! Layers of cake and fillings in different flavors. The parfaits are made daily in our bakery with fresh ingredients. They’re great size for sharing or enjoying it all yourself (because who likes to share dessert)! 


Good before, during, or after the movie, pizza is a great movie munchie! Our take and bake pizzas are easy to make and delicious! Plain cheese, sausage, supreme, there is something for everyone! It’s good for adults and children alike which makes it perfect for 

Don’t forget the drinks! Fresh squeezed lemonade, wine, or pop, we have it all!

A movie night is the perfect way to enjoy the summer nights with your loved ones. So pick your favorite movie and take a trip to Caputo’s to get all you need! 

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