La Bella Romana

Every year Progressive Grocer honors businesses in various categories. We were lucky enough to be honored for our private label, La Bella Romana, as an Outstanding Store Brand. La Bella Romana is very important to us and has come a long way since its origin.

Our private label was established in 1984 by Angelo. The name is a tribute to the matriarch of our family, Romana Caputo. “La Bella Romana” translates to “the beautiful Romana.” The logo features a picture of Romana feeding pigeons in Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy during Angelo and Romana’s honeymoon. 

The brand started with California grown tomatoes. We canned the tomatoes and it was the start of the brand. When Angelo was ready to add more products to the line, he knew that his expansion should be Italian staples. Angelo and Romana went to Italy and sourced suppliers who could offer the highest quality products and ingredients. The result of this trip was the addition of pasta and olive oil to La Bella Romana!  Pasta and olive oil are traditional components of every Italian meal. These items can be used or prepared in a variety of different ways to satisfy anybody’s hunger. These foundational items of the La Bella Romana line embody simplicity, diversity, and deliciousness.

Since those beginning items, the La Bella Romana brand has grown exponentially. The private label now includes bakery items, deli meats, catering and prepared foods, grocery products, and more. There are about 400 items that all have the La Bella Romana name on them.

We have San Marzano tomatoes, Italy’s most famous plum tomato, and has been grown in Campania since the middle ages. Its tart flavor, firm pulp, red color, low seed-count, and easily removed skin makes it a great tomato to cook with.

Our giardiniera options are the perfect condiment for any meal, especially your beef sandwiches.

We also have organic pastas. Pasta is low on the Glycemic Index (GI). Low GI foods are digested more slowly; thus, pasta naturally satisfies hunger longer without spiking blood sugar levels making it a great meal option!

All of our private label items are made using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The core of our products today is the same as 1984 when it started– bringing the freshest and healthiest foods to you and your family.


We would like to thank Progressive Grocer’s for this award and look forward to continuing to bring the best products to our customers! Check out the press release here!


From Our Family To Yours


A little bit about us

2019 will mark our 61st year in business. 2018 was a milestone year for us that allowed us to look back on all the memories we have created over the years. What started as an Italian immigrant looking to live out the American Dream has flourished into 7 stores throughout the Chicagoland area. At our core, we are a family and are lucky enough to now have 4 generations of Caputos! As a family owned and operated business, we strive to bring the healthiest and freshest products to you and your family.

Caputo’s was opened in 1958 by my grandfather, Angelo Caputo. He was born in Mola di Bari, Italy and immigrated to America at the age of 18. To gain entry into the country, he enlisted in the US Army. One thing about my grandpa, that is still true to this day, is that he is a determined man. He has the ability to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to, no matter what obstacles stand in his way. It was that state of mind that got him to where he is today. He believed in himself and never settled. He came to America with a goal– make something of himself and live out the American Dream. He put everything he had towards accomplishing his goal and his hard work paid off. In 1958, on the corner of Harlem and Wrightwood in Elmwood Park, Angelo opened Caputo’s New Farm Produce. That is what started it all.



To me, Angelo is synonymous with Romana. Angelo fell in love with Romana at a young age when he was still in Italy and their love story is very special. My grandpa would hang out in places just to catch a glimpse of my grandmother. He was without her for a while when he moved to America, but Romana was always on his mind. When he was in the army, he asked for a leave and went straight back to Mola di Bari to find out if Romana was still in love with him. A few weeks later, in 1956, they were married! They shared a beautiful story together. In 1984, they were back in Italy visiting family and looking at product manufacturers in hopes of launching a private label. When thinking of a name for this upcoming private label, Angelo decided this was the perfect opportunity to honor the beauty of his wife. He named the new brand, La Bella Romana which translates to The Beautiful Romana. Anyone who knew my grandmother knew that she was the most incredible woman. She had a heart bigger than anyone could imagine. She was selfless, humble, and kind. She was the best cook. She was beautiful inside and out. Romana lost a battle with cancer in 2004, but her memory and legacy live on.


While Angelo is retired, you can usually find him drinking an espressino or fixing a produce display. He left the business in the hands of his son-in-law, Robertino, and daughter, Antonella. My parents met when my father started working at Caputo’s at a young age. My siblings and I are very fortunate to have such hard working and dedicated role models in our lives.


We want to thank our extended family of customers for their loyalty throughout the past 60 years and we look forward to continuing to make more memories in the years to come!

From Our Family To Yours


Gifts for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Valentine’s Day dates back to the 400s when Romans would celebrate Lupercalia, a festival to celebrate the beginning of Spring. It was later named Valentine’s Day when Roman priest, Valentine, died on February 14 and was later canonized and became St. Valentine. Legend has it that while in prison, St. Valentine would write love letters to his jailor’s daughter and sign it “Your Valentine.” He became the patron saint of lovers and so people began to celebrate Valentine’s Day in his honor. February 14th is known as the day to spend time with your loved ones and show them you care. There are many little things that can help you show someone that you’re thinking of them.

An easy reminder of your feelings is flowers! With all the different bouquets and arrangements, it is easy to find the one that fits your loved ones perfectly. Whether you want to order an arrangement or just pick up a bouquet, we have just what you need! Flowers are proven to release happy chemicals into the brain because the vibrant colors, the fragrance, and the overall look can bring about a sense of joy. Flowers are a great way to spread love. We have a wide selection of flowers at each store. You can also call Naperville, South Elgin, or Carol Stream to place a custom order!

If your Valentine has a sweet tooth, we’ve got just the thing for you! Our bakery has a variety of Valentine’s Day sweets! We have special heart shaped sugar cookies and butter cookies decorated with pink sprinkles. We have chocolate covered pretzels and delicious chocolate covered strawberries. We also have special, heart shaped cannoli cake or a cookie cake. Nothing quite says “I love you” like a sweet from our La Bella Romana Bakery!

If you plan on having a quiet dinner at home to celebrate, we have what you need to make a simple and tasty meal. Pick up one of our chef kits for an easy Valentine’s Day meal. We have 5 different meals– all fresh ingredients, vacuum sealed and packed in a box for your convenience. Slow cooker pot roast, asian style salmon, and more delicious meals to cook for your special someone on Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to stop by our liquor department to pick up the perfect wine to compliment your meal.

We hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love and happiness ❤️

From Our Family To Yours

Caputo’s– There’s an App for that

We’re going mobile! We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new app! Our app allows you to stay up to date with everything happening around Caputo’s, gives you exclusive coupons only available to app users, and has brand new loyalty programs!

 One awesome feature about our app is that you can browse our weekly ad right there! Our ad is uploaded to the app so you can check out all of our sale items. You can also create your shopping lists. You are able to organize your shopping lists with titles right on the app. You can even email your list to someone so they can go shopping for you!

Another cool feature of our app is how much you can save! Not only will you be able to see all of our items on sale, but there are tons of coupons that will be available every day. When you first create an account, you will be asked to select the store you shop at most frequently. This will give you access to exclusive coupons. You can clip the coupons and start saving! All you have to do is scan your app at checkout and the clipped coupons are automatically applied!

Another unique feature is the loyalty programs. We have different clubs that allow you to earn rewards just for shopping. By downloading the app you have access to join various clubs. These clubs include a coffee club, a sandwich club, and a wine club. Each club tracks coincides with your purchases and gives you a free item or special offers on the items. We also have Family Rewards! With Family Rewards, you collect points and receive a gift card once you reach a certain amount of points!

The app is available in the app store today, all you have to do is type “Caputo’s” into the search bar in the app store and look for the icon with our logo! We’re here to answer any of your questions you might have– feel free to stop into a store to ask or to email us! Join the family by downloading the app and starting to save! Look out for more new features in the future!


Game Day Staples

It’s almost game day! Whether your team is playing, you want to see the commercials, or you can’t wait for Maroon 5’s performance, many people will be glued to their TVs on Sunday! No matter why you’re tuning in, the game day meal is very important. We have all the staples you need to make any viewing party a success and help you get ready for kick off!

One option to make your party a breeze is our Big Game Feast! Our Big Game Feast feeds 10-12 people and has every part of the meal covered! We’ve got your appetizers and main courses–3lbs of chicken wings, 2 pizzas, a half pan of pasta, 3lbs of beef, and 12 pieces of our homemade italian sausage. We’ve got your sides– 5 inch french rolls for your sandwiches and sauteed sweet peppers and giardiniera for extra flavor! It also includes 12 mini chocolate football cakes for dessert! This feast is available hot or cold and is only $119.99!

If you’re just looking for some easy appetizers or meals, we also have you covered! Our homemade dips and guacamole pair perfectly with our homemade chips. Our tortilla chips are made in house daily and are amazing! They are great with the buffalo chicken dip sure to be at whatever party you go to 😉 Our grab and go section is stocked and ready for your game day needs! Our sub sandwiches are a great compliment to your feast. We also have chicken wings, chicken tenders, and more in our grab and go section! Then you can stop by our bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth. We have many desserts that fit the football theme! Football cakes, cookies in a football container, and more!

From appetizers to main courses to the perfect desserts– we are your one stop shop for all your big game needs!


Iowa Premium Beef

Being a family business committed to bringing the freshest and highest quality products to our customers, we strive to source from local businesses. One area where we do this is in our meat department. Just a few hours west of Chicago is a small packaging facility, Iowa Premium!

Iowa Premium is a company in Tama, Iowa who sources cattle from local, family raised farms. The processes are all in accordance with and monitored by the USDA, making it a USDA Choice brand, as Iowa Premium sources locally. Most of the cattle come from within a 150 mile radius of the headquarters in Tama. They look for farms that raise cattle with an emphasis on sustainability and responsibility that adhere to the nationally recognized Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. The farm areas have rich soil, good climate, and average rainfall. These conditions result in high quality beef.

Iowa Premium uses black angus, corn-fed cattle. These qualities result in a unique flavor and easy marbling. Marbling is the white streaks in a lean piece of meat. The degree of marbling is a great indicator of flavor of the meat.  Many people follow the general rule that the more marbling, the better piece of meat. The cattle is corn-fed in order to create that rich, distinctive flavor that is unmatched by other brands. This adds to the degree of marbling and the quality of the meat!

You can get Iowa Premium exclusively at Caputo’s in the Chicagoland area. Stop by one of our locations to pick up some Iowa Premium and taste the quality! You can also pick up a recipe card to learn how to make a garlic herb crusted roast beef!

Also, stop by Addison on 1/25 from 12pm-4pm to meet an Iowa Premium representative who can answer your questions and help you get a Caputo’s gift card!

Check out to learn more!

From Our Family To Yours

Easy Peasy, Meyer Lemon Squeezy

Looking for a little bit of warmth in this chilly winter? We’ve got just the thing for you! A sweet twist on a classic, summery fruit– the Meyer lemon!

A Meyer lemon is a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. Originally they were only in China, but introduced to the United States in the 20th century by Frank Meyer. Meyer lemons are known for their distinct taste. While regular lemons have an acidic taste, Meyer lemons are known for their sweeter taste. Because Meyer lemons are a cross between the citrus mandarin, Meyer lemons have a sweeter taste.

They also have a different appearance. This special lemon has a small, round shape and an orange tint. The skin is thinner and smoother. In addition, the scent has more of a floral scent!  

Their unique taste and look makes Meyer lemons a fun addition to a plate. Whether a drink, a meal, or a dessert, Meyer lemons can take a meal to the next level! People particularly enjoy Meyer lemons in salads because of the sweet and refreshing taste, they can be used to make a great lemon vinaigrette!  There are a number of recipes that call for Meyer lemons or you can use them instead of regular lemons–it’s all up to you! Whether you’re making lemonade, pie, or something else! Check out this list of a bunch of fun recipes to try out with Meyer lemons:

These lemons are known as a winter fruit, so they have a limited availability. We are very excited to be getting some from a farm in Phoenix, Arizona.They are organic… and they’re on sale this week! Stop by and get yours, then send us what you did with your Meyer lemons!



The new year has officially arrived, can you believe it is 2019?! Many people start the new year with resolutions in mind and goals they intend to achieve. A popular resolution revolves around health. Now is the time when people take steps to improve their lifestyles and healthy eating is a big part of the adjustment. We are here to help you make the  move towards healthy eating!

One way to kickstart your healthy eating is by shopping in our fresh produce section! We get new produce in every day. Our produce buyers start their mornings going to the market and visiting local companies and farms– sourcing produce to send to our stores. This is the same way we have bought produce since 1958 when my grandfather, Angelo Caputo, would go through the same process of buying produce! The fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect ingredients for any meal you wish to make. From smoothies, to soups, to meals, to desserts, we’ve got the freshest ingredients for you to use.

Photo courtesy of prouditaliancook on Instagram

We also have a wide variety of fresh juices. Our juices are cold pressed and high pressure pasteurized. In addition, they are locally produced right down the street from our Carol Stream headquarters.  The flavors of these pressed juices include beet boost, garden remedy, and pineapple peace. We also have some fresh juices squeezed in house daily! These juices are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Are you starting off 2019 with healthy eating? Let us know how Caputo’s is helping you achieve your resolutions! Post your meals and ingredients on social media! Tag us and use the hashtag #CaputosHealthyCooking and you will be entered to win a $50 gift to Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets!

From Our Family To Yours


Grand Re-Opening of Addison

In late October of 2018 the new 10,000 square foot addition of our Addison store officially opened! This new addition brought what our customers love from our Carol Stream location to Addison as well as some other unique features! We expanded our hot foods department, added a coffee bar and a bar, highlight our fresh salsa and fresh guacamole, included a tortilla machine with fresh tortillas made daily, and much more! We are so excited about all of these new features and want you to share in our excitement! We’ve got some fun upcoming events to celebrate our re-grand opening of Addison!

One event will be a menu tasting! We will be sampling appetizers from our catering menu! This event will take place on January 12th from 11am-2pm then again later that day from 4pm-7pm. This event will take place again on February 2nd from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm  to 7pm. This complimentary tasting will also include wine samples from some premium brands!


Our next event will take place on January 19th, again from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm. This event is a pasta demo. Our chef will be preparing orecchiette d’estate. This demo will feature orecchiette pasta, an ear shaped pasta that is a traditional type of pasta in Mola di Bari,  Angelo’s hometown. L’estate means summer in Italian so orecchiette d’estate (orecchiette of summer) is a very light dish. It is prepared with fresh vegetables, our homemade Italian Sausage, and our La Bella Romana homemade marinara sauce. Delicious year round!

As food is a big part of our business and our new addition included a large expansion of our hot foods, we will be having $1 mini sausage sandwiches with sweet peppers!  This special will take place on January 26th from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm. Our homemade sausage comes from an old-world recipe that has been perfected throughout the years. From the making of our sausage to the spices, it is all homemade and mouth-wateringly delicious!

We are thrilled about the new additions to our Addison store! We thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support throughout the remodel! We look forward to celebrating with you during these events and more upcoming events!


From Our Family To Yours

Traditions for Good Luck in the New Year

The New Year is right around the corner. One thing you may know is that some Italians can be superstitious and like to stay true to their traditions. Many traditions involve some type of food and New Year’s Eve is no exception! Italians like to enjoy hearty foods that will symbolize good fortune and prosperity in the New Year!

The main focus of Italian New Year’s Eve meals is lentils! Lentils have many symbols for this holiday meal. They are round like coins. Lentils are eaten for the hope of prosperity and good luck. In our family, my mother picked up the tradition from her mother and the matriarch of Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets, Romana Caputo. Nonna Romana would make lentil soup and say that it was a sign of good luck.

Many people also enjoy sausage or pig trotters to accompany their lentils. Sausage is a fattier meat. This is said to symbolize abundance. The sausage and lentils eaten together is meaning that the New Year will be even better than the last!


Then you finish your meal and ring in the New Year with grapes! At the stroke of midnight, you eat 12 grapes, one for each month. With each stroke of the clock and each grape eaten, you make a wish for that month!





                From Our Family To Yours

                           Buona Fortuna e Buon Anno a tutti!