A Perfected Family Tradition

You may be expecting us to say that the recipe for our famous homemade Italian sausage has gone unchanged for hundreds of years, but that would only be partially true. As has been the case in many Italian families, the original family recipes did not exist in written form but were handed down from one generation to the next in the kitchen. Young people learned the craft by observing and helping their parents, grandparents, and other relatives. This is why there are subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) variations between the same dishes as prepared by different members of the same family.

Of course when it comes to making Angelo’s Signature Italian Sausage for our customers, some of whom drive quite a few miles to get theirs, consistency becomes rather important. We couldn’t simply hope that the unwritten traditions handed down through the generations would translate to the same great tasting product day after day. Rather, we felt compelled to make it even better!

We begin with our old-world tradition of using hand-trimmed lean pork and mix in our private blend of aromatic spices and seasonings, developed expressly for this purpose. It has taken years of continually refining our art to reach this point and the result is a consistent sausage that’s bursting with flavor and will simply amaze your palate! We are confident you’ll enjoy our homemade Italian Sausage from the first bite! Get some on your grill today! 

11 Replies to “A Perfected Family Tradition”

  1. I love the Italian hot sausage but sometimes it’s way too hot another times it’s so delicious I can’t quit eating it I brought it up to the campground and it was too hot people didn’t enjoy it oh do you have sausage with fennel in it

    1. The traditional mild Italian sausage contains fennel. We are sorry you had a bad experience with the hot and have been working to deliver a more consistent product.

  2. Best Italian sausage I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring! Live in Iowa now, but make sure I stop in, & get some of it on every trip into the Chicago area! Nothing here like it, or Caputo’s.

  3. I have to say I like your Italian Sausage and noticed the price has gone way up. Will stock up when it’s on sale.

  4. I wish you would regularly also do a breakfast sausage. I like the Italian very much too and buy it, but I would really like a good breakfast sausage too.

  5. In the past, you use to sell home made dried Italian sausage at your stores and not the brand names processed type. What happened and are their plans to bring it back?

  6. Has anything changed with your Rope italian sausage? When I came in from Illinois I usually come in and purchase 5 lbs. Of mild and 5 lbs of hot. I did not get hot. It was another 5 lbs of mild. The sausage tasted different. I come in two times a year to your store in Bolingbrook. That is where I purchased it. A response would be appreciated. Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Nothing has changed– we even still have the same team of people making it. I am going to look into with our team further and I will have an answer soon!

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