National Sauce Month

It’s National Sauce month! The sauce you use can change a whole meal. We have a whole line of La Bella Romana sauces that can be your sous chef and truly enhance a meal without you having to sacrifice quality or taste.

 As a family owned and operated company, we know how important what you feed your family is and we take pride in offering our extended family of customers great meal options. We go to great lengths to prepare high quality foods using the freshest and healthiest ingredients. 

Did you know that in our warehouse, located in Carol Stream, we have a kitchen where we prepare the foods that you see in-store? We make everything from scratch, exactly how you would at home… just without all the mess! We use fresh food and produce straight from our shelves to prepare these meals and dishes so you can trust what you’re getting. 

We also have state of the art technology which aids in our cooking process. Because of this equipment, we are able to extend the shelf life of our products without adding any preservatives or additives. All of the items in our prepared foods section are all natural and made from scratch using only high quality ingredients. 

A look into our kitchen

So this National Sauce Month, stop by and give our sauces a try. Here are 4 of our homemade sauces and ways to enjoy them

Supreme Sauce

Our very own supreme sauce is a creamy sauce, bursting with flavor. It tastes like a pink tomato sauce.

  • A breaded chicken and melted bocconcini or mozzarella sandwich (think chicken parm, but with with supreme sauce)
  •  Your favorite pasta with crumbled sausage 
  • As a pizza sauce 

Marinara sauce

Made with real ingredients, our homemade marinara sauce is an easy way to get your homemade Sunday sauce in, but without the time or the work!

  • Your favorite pasta
  • Over chicken for an easy chicken parm
  • Over our homemade breaded eggplant or breaded zucchini with mozzarella for a veggie alternative to chicken parmesan
  • A shortcut to your homemade lasagna
  • With stuffed peppers

Vesuvio Sauce

A Chicago classic, vesuvio sauce is a white wine sauce with notes of fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon. It is light, flavorful, and can go with almost anything! While the classic dish is a juicy chicken and potatoes with peas, there are tons of other ways to enjoy it too

  • Over fish
  • Grilled steak and carmelized onions sandwich with vesuvio sauce
  • A breaded chicken sandwich with vesuvio sauce
  • Add some pepperoncini for a spicy twist

Limone Sauce

A light and tangy sauce that is versatile so it can go well with so much! It really is an all purpose, bright sauce!

  • Over fish
  • Over chicken
  • Over vegetables
  • Over sauteed shrimp and linguine
  • With cheese over your favorite pasta cut

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