La Bella Romana

Every year Progressive Grocer honors businesses in various categories. We were lucky enough to be honored for our private label, La Bella Romana, as an Outstanding Store Brand. La Bella Romana is very important to us and has come a long way since its origin.

Our private label was established in 1984 by Angelo. The name is a tribute to the matriarch of our family, Romana Caputo. “La Bella Romana” translates to “the beautiful Romana.” The logo features a picture of Romana feeding pigeons in Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy during Angelo and Romana’s honeymoon. 

The brand started with California grown tomatoes. We canned the tomatoes and it was the start of the brand. When Angelo was ready to add more products to the line, he knew that his expansion should be Italian staples. Angelo and Romana went to Italy and sourced suppliers who could offer the highest quality products and ingredients. The result of this trip was the addition of pasta and olive oil to La Bella Romana!  Pasta and olive oil are traditional components of every Italian meal. These items can be used or prepared in a variety of different ways to satisfy anybody’s hunger. These foundational items of the La Bella Romana line embody simplicity, diversity, and deliciousness.

Since those beginning items, the La Bella Romana brand has grown exponentially. The private label now includes bakery items, deli meats, catering and prepared foods, grocery products, and more. There are about 400 items that all have the La Bella Romana name on them.

We have San Marzano tomatoes, Italy’s most famous plum tomato, and has been grown in Campania since the middle ages. Its tart flavor, firm pulp, red color, low seed-count, and easily removed skin makes it a great tomato to cook with.

Our giardiniera options are the perfect condiment for any meal, especially your beef sandwiches.

We also have organic pastas. Pasta is low on the Glycemic Index (GI). Low GI foods are digested more slowly; thus, pasta naturally satisfies hunger longer without spiking blood sugar levels making it a great meal option!

All of our private label items are made using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The core of our products today is the same as 1984 when it started– bringing the freshest and healthiest foods to you and your family.


We would like to thank Progressive Grocer’s for this award and look forward to continuing to bring the best products to our customers! Check out the press release here!


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