Italian Heritage Month Giveaway

The month of October is regarded as Italian National Heritage month. It is the month to show your Italian pride. 

Our Italian heritage is a huge part of our family and our business. Our story started in Italy, specifically, in Mola di Bari where our founder was born. Angelo’s life in Italy shaped him as a person. He did not have the easiest life, but always found ways to persevere. When he came to America in search of a new life in 1950, his life changed and he faced challenges. Though there were many uncertainties, his drive and perseverance never wavered. He was excited for his new journey in America, but couldn’t help but miss his home and his family. The memories of home and his incredible work ethic contributed to his dream which turned into Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets.

When Angelo and Romana began their business journey in 1958, he had hoped to bring a little bit of Italy into America. He used his knowledge from working in his family’s grocery store and on his family farm to form Caputo’s. Though we are an international market, our roots are in Italy. 

We pride ourselves in keeping traditions alive. We rely on our Italian heritage in every aspect of our business– from what we cook with, the music we play, the items we carry and import, and so much more. Our market was made with the intentions to bring a little bit of home to you.

We want to know what items you get from Caputo’s reminds you of Italy or your Italian heritage. Maybe it’s something from the deli, produce, bakery, oil! You could win a gift card for sharing!

Show us how Caputo’s brings Italy to you! Post pictures of these items on social media and tag us! Tell us a little about the memories the products evoke.

Each post is an entry and you have until October 31st.  Winners will be randomly drawn and contacted on Monday, November 2. 

3 winners will each win a $50 gift card to Caputo’s!

Use #CaputosItalianHeritage and tag us in your posts!

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You can read more about Angelo’s story and his journey to America here

From Our Family To Yours

12 Replies to “Italian Heritage Month Giveaway”

  1. I find specialty items that I can’t get at other grocery stores. The quality of the produce, meat and cheeses is second to none.

  2. I have been shopping at Caputo’s since it open I have lived in EP for 54 years.This is my main store and I love it.

  3. Dear Caputos Family,I lived in Chicago’s Little Italy / EP near a Harlem & Belmont since 1975 until last year when I sold my home. Due to physical limitations ,unable to go shopping in person , and wanting to still be and feel independent I made the choice to shop online. At first I was hesitant. I questioned & feared what type of items would someone other than my wonderful family choose on my behalf. Your outstanding employees Gene, and Matt put my fears to rest. Prayers answered you expanded your Delivery Area❣️Gracie!God Bless all who help others as your family does.

  4. I go every other Sunday morning at 630 am when the store opens and is quiet. I browse the isles and buy the things my Italian Nona would buy. Canned Tomatoes brands she would buy. Italian lunch meat that tastes the same as it did in the 60’s and 70’s when I grew up. Then I go home and make pasta sauce from scratch like she taught me.

  5. My father was born near Calabria, Italy. My mother was Sicilian. Every Sunday after mass we would go buy lunchmeat and fresh bread. I can continue that tradition thanks to Caputo’s! I even found the nougat candy there that would be in a big bowl on the counter where we paid for our purchases. It was my job to pick out the Soppressata that was hanging above a meat storage case. We snacked on lupinin’s and sipped Anisette at doings. The thing I loved most though was the Italian cookies my mother made. Although they are not exactly like hers, they are pretty darn close! Grazie Caputo’s!

  6. I started shopping at Caputo’s in Elmwood Park. I absolutely loved shopping there. The aroma when you walk into the store brought back a lot of memories of my childhood. In the neighborhood, it felt like you can smell all the spices in spaghetti and meatballs a mile away. I would go to various stores (2 to 3) depending on the sale on what I need. However, during this pandemic I chose Caputo’s to be the one and only store to shop at. Also, I love hearing the music they play when I ship.

  7. I just submitted a comment with the wrong email address.
    it contained part of my home and part of my work email.
    hopefully it can be changed.

  8. I especially love the family sized prepared meals like the chicken fettuccini. It gets us around the table to share our day, our meal and our faith! Thank you!

  9. Living in the West Loop, I don’t think Caputo’s would have entered my life but 10 years ago, my wife and I attended a seminar in Bloomingdale and drove past Caputo’s . Knowing that we hadn’t gotten groceries yet, we decided, “Why not try this on?”. Well, you had us at ‘produce’. We have been faithfully driving to the Caputo’s on Lake St. since then. The prices and selection are that good.

  10. your stores are unique and truly ‘specialty stores’: your ethnic mix of products and fresh(est) foods is fantastic.
    Don’t ever drop the fajitas, fresh soups or tamales: God bless you and the entire Caputo family…………thank you.

  11. i come from Italy 3 years ago to live in elk grove village , and when i found your store , it was like a small part of Italy here.
    i am very happy to found a lot of Italian products and i hope you will continue to do it
    wishes you the best in your business

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