Autumn Glory Apples

There is nothing quite like a crunchy, refreshing apple on a cool fall day. Apples and fall just go hand in hand! 

There is one specific apple that comes out of Washington that is specifically created and harvested to help you “Experience Autumn All Year” and embodies the best flavors and scents that fall has to offer… the Autumn Glory apple! 

 Autumn Glory apples have a sweet, firm flesh. In every bite, you will taste hints of cinnamon and notes of caramel making it unlike any apple you have ever tasted before. It is a crispy apple with beautiful yellow and red colors that just look like fall! The flavor profile can be compared to that of apple cider or apple sauce– it is an incredibly unique and delicious apple. 

Autumn Glory apples are harvested in Washington by Domex Superfresh Growers, a family business for over five generations. This apple, along with all Domex fruits, are non-GMO. Domex skillfully and carefully crossed varietals of apples to create the natural flavors, quality, and crispiness you can only find in an Autumn Glory!

Quantities are limited, so we are so excited to be able to offer you this delicious apple! 

Feeling inspired and want to make the Autumn glory into something delicious? Try out this recipe!

Buy Autumn Glory apples here and check out more recipes here!

From Our Family To Yours

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