5 Summertime Recipes

Summer days are ahead. That means long, hot days spent outdoors with your friends and family! While you’re soaking up the summer sun, it’s important to make sure you’re properly nourished! 

The sun can take a lot out of you, so making sure to eat and hydrate regularly is important! If you’re looking for some new recipes to try this summer, we have some ideas for you!

Here are 5 recipes to try out this summer that will make your taste buds do a happy dance! 

Strawberry Mango Popsicle

Popsicles were invented to make us feel like a kid in the summertime! These fresh fruit-filled wonders will make everyone happy. This will make approximately 3 cups of puree, and the size of the molds you choose will determine how many pops you can make. You can also freeze them in an ice cube tray and put them in a drink of your choosing! 

The Recipe: https://shopcaputos.com/recipe-rack?collectionId=cb7ffbfb-90ea-4b64-9da3-a5063b70d56d&dishId=b7c7fb19-d903-4369-992c-ee29fd6e1339

Summer Gazpacho

This chilled Southern Spanish soup has spectacular variations, from rustic and chunky, to smooth and elegant. Make this dish by mixing and matching what’s in season or put that abundance of summer garden vegetables to delicious use.

The Recipe: https://shopcaputos.com/recipe-rack?collectionId=cb7ffbfb-90ea-4b64-9da3-a5063b70d56d&dishId=a43b0b91-924a-414c-b021-2ed0fd75a92f

Caprese Salad

A caprese salad is a summer must! The fresh ingredients and great flavors make it the perfect salad to enjoy outdoors!  It’s simple, classic, and refreshing. 

The recipe: https://shopcaputos.com/recipe-rack?collectionId=cb7ffbfb-90ea-4b64-9da3-a5063b70d56d&dishId=09297e13-7c5a-4b68-945a-c41db91fe944

Raw Berry Cream Pie with Chocolate Crust (Vegan)

Pure summer on a plate, this pie is light, refreshing, sweet and airy. Plus, made of all raw ingredients, free of gluten and free of dairy, it’s ideal for entertaining, especially when you want to please a wide range of palates. The Recipe: https://shopcaputos.com/recipe-rack?collectionId=cb7ffbfb-90ea-4b64-9da3-a5063b70d56d&dishId=feb56163-4e7c-4a3e-997e-dd908bb4fe7e

Tequila Lime Chicken 

Fresh citrus juices, a splash of tequila (save a shot or two for yourself!), and a kick of jalapeño make this a super tasty dish! For the best tasting chicken, start marinating the day before. It’s excellent served hot off the grill or chilled for a hot summer picnic. 

The Recipe: https://shopcaputos.com/recipe-rack?dishId=095c48e4-0ca4-445f-acea-9f36e5e6921d

Happy Cooking!

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