Christmas Sweets Table

At Christmastime, there is always a main focus on the meal. Especially on Christmas eve with all the fish! Need some help getting dessert covered? We have tons of festive and traditional items available for your Christmas desserts tables that children and adults alike will enjoy!

Here are 6 items we will be offering this year that are great for all your holiday parties. 

Cream Puff Tree

Our homemade cream puffs stacked in the shape of a tree and festively decorated! These can feed a variety of crowds as we have them in 3 different sizes

Shortbread Cookie Tree

Who doesn’t love cookies on Christmas? This tree is made by stacking shortbread cookies and decorating with green to resemble a tree as well as ornaments and more! There are tons of cookies for everyone and it looks beautiful on a table!

Cannoli Dipper

Cannoli are a classic dessert. If you’re looking for a spin on this classic, then the cannoli dipper is for you! It comes with a container of our homemade cannoli filling and then smaller pieces of our homemade cannoli shells around it. That way guests can dunk the shells in the dip! Pro tip: cut up some strawberries and top them with some cannoli filling!

Candy Cane Cupcake Cake

Festive, fun, easy for sharing, and delicious. Our cupcake cake pulls apart simply so there is no hassle about cutting the cake (or kids arguing about who got the bigger piece). The candy cane shape and bright colors adds a fun look to the dessert table!

Cookie Cake

This is a 12” chocolate chip cookie that we decorate with Christmas decorations! It serves about 6-10 people

Brownie Tree Platter

Our homemade, decadent brownies are cut and placed in a Christmas tree platter. It serves roughly 16 people.

Limited quantities of these items will be available in store. To guarantee yours, make sure you order ahead! You can email to get everything you need for your sweets table!

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