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As 2024 begins, we reflect on last year which marked our 65th year in business. We hit a lot of milestones last year and now we take a minute to look ahead and think of what 2024, our 66th year in business, will bring. No matter what, we make sure to stay true to what our business was founded on. We never move forward without acknowledging all the sacrifice, dedication, and lessons it took to get us to where we are now.

If you’re new to Caputo’s or want to know more about us, allow us to introduce ourselves because we are more than just your average grocery store.

Our story dates back to the 1950s when an italian immigrant, Angelo Caputo, with a strong work ethic and desire to make something of himself came to America. He was born in Mola di Bari, Italy and immigrated to America at the age of 18. To gain entry into the country, he enlisted in the US army. His goal was to live out the American Dream.

He put everything he had towards accomplishing his goal and his hard work paid off. In 1958, on the corner of Harlem and Wrightwood in Elmwood Park, Angelo opened Caputo’s New Farm Produce. That is what started it all. 

Angelo is synonymous with Romana. Angelo fell in love with Romana at a young age when he was still in Italy and their love story is very special. When he was in the army, he asked for a leave and went straight back to Mola di Bari to check on the love of his life and a few weeks later, they were married! They shared a beautiful story together. Romana was always a pillar of strength for Angelo. She supported him through every obstacle and challenge. 

In 1984, they were back in Italy visiting family and looking at product manufacturers in hopes of launching a private label. When thinking of a name for this upcoming private label, Angelo decided this was the perfect opportunity to honor the beauty of his wife. He named the new brand, La Bella Romana which translates to The Beautiful Romana. Anyone who knew Romana knew that she was the most incredible woman. She had a heart bigger than anyone could imagine. She was selfless, humble, and was known for her self taught skills in the kitchen.

Anyone lucky enough to have a meal prepared by Romana Caputo can attest that it was probably one of the best meals they’ve ever had. Her skills inspired our La Bella Romana Cucina and kitchen. We have a full kitchen in our warehouse where we make prepared foods and catering items from scratch.

She also inspired our La Bella Romana Bakery. Every item is made from scratch out of our central bakery in our Carol Stream location and sent to all our stores daily. Many of the cookie recipes even adapted from Romana’s very own recipes.

The most important thing to Angelo and Romana both was their family. We are now being run by Angelo and Romana’s daughter Antonella, son-in-law Robertino, and their children. We now have 4 generations of Caputo family members. Though we grow, we never forget the lessons Angelo and Romana taught us and we take those with us in every aspect of our business.

   Sadly, both Angelo and Romana have passed. Our family takes comfort in knowing they are together in heaven, probably dancing and enjoying the many feasts Romana is preparing. Not a day goes by where we don’t think of them and remember their sacrifices and all they had to overcome to accomplish what they did. Our family is committed to making sure their legacy lives on.

We want to thank our extended family of customers for their loyalty throughout the past 65+ years and we look forward to continuing to make more memories in the years to come!

From Our Family To Yours

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  1. Our family has been shopping at Caputo’s since Angelo Caputo opened his fruit stand on Harlem Ave. We love all the Italian choices they have in produce, deli and the bakery. All the employees are friendly and helpful. Caputo’s will always be our favorite destination for groceries.

  2. I was a little girl living on Chicago and my Nonnie and I would walk everyday to Caputo’s on Harlem & Wrightwood. To get the freshest fruit and veggies for dinner and that day… Once the store expanded with pasta and meats, we would be there I remember speaking Italian when I went to the store and thinking we were at home with a relative, because no one really spoke Italian around us only at home it was the coolest childhood memory….
    I’m now 60 years old and I still to this day shop at Caputo’s (Naperville now) – I don’t walk there everyday like Nonnie, but I will make a plan to take a trip for all my authentic Italian heritage needs, although no one speaks Italian in the stores I’m comfortable enough knowing that in my heart we’re all just Italian once we step into a Caputo’s Store no matter what nationality you are, it’s a little bit of home for me…

    Thank you for the Naperville Store is still a little far for me to shop but I make an effort to get there… My brother who lives in NC, comes in once or twice a year and he brings a cooler, to stock up… Now that is family dedication…

    Thank you to the entire Caputo Family for these gems, you’ve kept the authenticity of Italian and my heritage in the food I cook today…
    Ti’Amo Caputo’s Grocery Store,

    Forever a customer,
    Angela Pinnello

  3. I have loved shopping at Caputo’s for the past 42 years. The produce is always high quality, the bakery is wonderful (I ordered a huge 3-layer strawberry-stuffed and topped birthday cake with whipped cream and buttercream. It was so delicious and so big and it was so perfect that it made my day). The people are always helpful. The pasta assortment is unmatched. The international food aisles are amazing. The deli is great. The prepared foods and restaurant are great. My wife and I love eating in the restaurant area. The coffees are delicious.
    In short, Caputo’s , which is one mile from my house in Saint Charles, is my go to place for shopping an eating. I love it.

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