Happy Birthday, Angelo!

Welcome to 2020! What better way to start this new year and new decade than wishing a happy birthday to our founder and my grandfather, Angelo Caputo! 

88 years ago today in the little town of Mola di Bari, Angelo was born. I want to take this opportunity to share some words.

My grandfather is one of the strongest men I know. As you may recall from some of the stories I previously shared about his life, he did not always have it easy. His life was full of obstacles and his ability to overcome them is a true testament to his character. He made great sacrifices in order to give his wife and children the best life possible. He worked tirelessly to provide for his family and never complained because that is the kind of man he is. 

Most everything he does, he does with his family in mind. His family has since grown to include grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Nothing makes him happier than seeing the smiles on his family’s faces (though drinking an espressino or eating allievi come close). 

I am so blessed to have him as my nonno, may God bless him always!

We hope you and your family have a safe and happy New Year!

From Our Family To Yours

8 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Angelo!”

  1. From our house to yours, wishing the entire CAPUTO-Familie much happiness and good health for the coming year! – “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Angelo and may he celebrate many more happy new years with his loved-ones!
    Frank & Karin Accettura
    Elmwood Park, IL

  2. Happy Birthday Angelo. We have followed you and admired you from the very beginning on Harlem Ave. Congratulations on your success!
    Blessings to you and your family!
    Tacito/Cora/Maselli family

  3. From the fruit stand to now we are so happy that you and your family have been so successful.

    Bob & Pat Forestall

  4. Dear Mr. Caputo,
    Thank you for being another terrific person I know that shares the same birthday on the 31st of December my cousin Jodie. She like you is a wonderful person and when she comes in from Las Vegas I will bring her around to get some of those tasty pastries. Now don’t eat too many yourself (just enough) and have a Happy Birthday and Wonderful New Year.
    All the Best,

  5. doing some digging on our family roots – can you ask Angelo if he remembers John or Giuseppe Giustino from Mola di Bari OR from Grand and Milwaukee? Napoli Pizzeria or Oslo Italian Club … My Grandpa Giuseppe Giustino came from Mola di Bari … there may be a story about soccer in Mola with John and Angelo back in the day.

  6. I’m so sorry for the passing of your dear grandfather. I never had the pleasure to meet him.
    I started going to his store on Harlem Ave with my Mom in the early 70’s ? And have frequented many of his stores MANY TIMES throughout the years, including the Carol stream location as I live close by :))) anyway I’m in Mola di Bari now and have been hearing many more wonderful stories about Angelo! How he was so generous to help others, including Dom Bruno (Italian priest) fundraise in River grove for senior housing in Mola di Bari; but especially how he truly loved his wife & named the company brand after Bella Romana <3 What a spectacular man!

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