Top Summer Fruits

The long summer days have hit us. While it’s great to be able to enjoy the daylight for a longer time, it means that the temperature is HOT! Between the humidity and the heat, we are constantly looking for ways to renew, reenergize, and refresh while enjoying all the outdoor activities that come with summer. 

What you put into your body greatly affects your energy level. It is a good idea to nourish your body, especially in the extreme heat. Luckily, the summer season has some of the best fruit!

Here are some of our top favorite summer fruits


Cold watermelon on a hot summer day is such a treat. The great thing about watermelon is that it can actually help hydrate you too! Watermelon is about 90% water on top of all the other vitamins and nutrients watermelon contains.By eating watermelon, you’re getting some of the key nutrients you need while soaking up the sun!


With a summer growing season, cherries are something we look forward to every year! Cherries are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Whether you prefer the sweeter cherries or the tarter cherries, they are both good and good for you. 


Peaches are a very diverse fruit. You can eat them on their own, make a dessert out of them, put them in a salad, or even enjoy them in a glass of wine!  Peaches are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. They are known to help with digestion, boost immunity, protect your skin, and more!

Another way to beat the heat and still get the nutrients from fruit is to make a smoothie! You can freeze the fruit or mix some ice with fresh fruit. Throw in some of our freshly squeezed orange juice and you have a delicious drink that will help make the heat a little more bearable! 

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