What We’re Thankful For

We know this year has been full of ups and downs. In the blink of an eye, everyday life as we knew it was forced to change, but we adapted. As we reflect upon this past year and prepare to celebrate the meal in which we think of what we give thanks for, our family would like to share what we are grateful for.

Our Loyal Customers

We are incredibly thankful to all those who have supported us over the years. Whether you have been shopping with us since our Harlem and Wrightwood days in 1958, you recently discovered us, or anytime in between… we are incredibly grateful to the support and loyalty our customers and communities we serve have shown us!

Our Dedicated Staff

We want to thank our dedicated staff who have been working selflessly to keep our stores clean and our shelves stocked. We are so proud and thankful for the hard work and dedication, especially during these trying times. Our staff has made our family so proud in the way that everyone has stepped up and helped to serve our local communities! 

We would also like to extend our thanks to their families for the support they have offered to our employees!

Our Family

Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets started as a dream. My grandfather, Angelo Caputo, left his home in Italy to come to America in hopes of creating a good life for himself and his family. His hard work, dedication, and sacrifice is the reason we are where we are today. The unending support of my grandmother, Romana Caputo, cannot go unnoticed. She was a helpful and supporting pillar through the hard work and long days.  My parents, Robertino and Antonella, have done more for us than you can imagine. They both began working at very young ages. They take every opportunity to thank my grandparents for their sacrifices and dedication, but will never look for credit or draw attention to all they did for us as a business and a family. They have taught my siblings and I so much. I am also grateful for my siblings. Our parents have raised us to put family first and because of their influence, I am blessed enough to have siblings that I can call my best friends. 

We hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. We continue to hope and pray for happy and healthy days ahead.

From Our Family To Yours

8 Replies to “What We’re Thankful For”

  1. Thanks to you, your service is outstanding for the curbside pick up. I was a loyal customer before the pandemic and I miss perusing your aisles, especially miss the fish area. But thank goodness I live just a few miles away for pick up and I am high risk with asthma and am 65 and diabetic. Thankful for Caputo’s.

  2. We live in Del Webb and are very thankful and appreciative for your Food Truck that has brought us many delicious meals. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Thank you for shopping for me and having this service of home shopping during this pandemic. Also the great service you all provide. Also the shop caputos staff. Always willing to help when we have a problem. Thank you Caputos.


  5. Every Tuesday when I walk away from the check out I enjoy the family pictures on the walls and wish I could have know those beautiful people. A good heritage.
    I do miss the gentleman who used to greet me at the entrance with warmth and humor.
    And I so appreciate the produce guy who works so diligently and always helps when he can and responds to a wave though he cannot hear and talk with me.
    Caputos puts the CAP on grocery shopping!

  6. Thank you to all the fine staff at Caputo’s for all that you do for your customers. I am especially thankful this year for your fine home delivery service! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  7. I love Caputo’s. I’ve been shopping there since the 1960s when my grandmother and I would take the bus to your Harlem Ave. store. Now I’m in the western suburbs and wish Caputo’s had a store in Algonquin. My closest stores are 30 minutes in either direction.

  8. We want to thank you for all your wonderful service. You have been a Savior to us as we are elderly. We look forward to seeing Rich drive up with our very good quality groceries. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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