At Home Wine & Cheese Pairings

Are you looking for creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s day this year? Or maybe you’re looking to have a night with your girlfriends and don’t know what to do? Maybe you’re snowed in and looking for something to do. An easy and fun idea is a wine and cheese night!

Spend time with loved ones sampling cheese, sipping on wine, and enjoying extras to bring out all the flavors!

Not sure where to start? Here are some items for your at-home pairing event!

Soft Cheese

Cheese: Délice de Bourgogne, Champignon Mushroom Brie, or Delice De Camembert, soft ripened goat 

Wine: Prosecco/champagne, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio 

Chocolate: Semi Sweet chocolate

Fruit: Strawberries or Raspberries

Why: The creamy and buttery texture of the cheese pairs wonderfully with the bubbly, sharp champagne or the light and slightly sweet notes of white wine. The bitter notes of semi sweet chocolate and the sweetness of the fruit all come together for a delicious tasting!

Blue Cheese

Cheese: Mild Gorgonzola dolce,  medium Danish Blue, or Big English Stilton

Wine: Cabernet, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Port Wine

Chocolate: Dark chocolate

Fruit: cherries or honey

Why: Blue cheese is known for its big and tangy flavor which is why it is great to pair a blue cheese with a full body, dark, and warm wine that can hold its own to the cheese! The chocolate and fruit brings a sweet and slightly bitter taste to round out the tasting!

Semi Hard Cheese

Cheese: 12 month Manchego or Emmi Le Gruyere 

Wine: Cabernet, Sangiovese, Chardonnay 

Chocolate: Assorted truffles

Fruit: Apples or pears

Why: The semi-hard, nutty, fruity, and almost earthy cheese pairs wonderfully with a fruity yet rich wine. The truffles and fruit bring around a sweet, crisp, and grainy flavor to the whole pairing. 

Hard Cheese

Cheese:  Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Castello Aged Havarti 

Wine: Chianti, Barolo, Pinot Grigio

Chocolate: Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate

Fruit: Grapes, berries, or pineapple

Why: the salty, granular, nutty, and fruity notes of these hard cheeses pair well with dry and slightly fruity wines. The dark or white chocolate and fruits embody bitter, sweet, tangy, and juice flavors that bring out the range of flavors in the cheese

Fresh and Soft Cheese 

Cheese: Burrata, Fresh Goat, Fontina Fontal, 

Wine: Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir

Chocolate: Milk chocolate

Fruit: Balsamic glaze,  strawberries,  or apricots

Why: The soft and fresh cheese brings a creamy, buttery, and rich flavor which tastes wonderfully with a light, crisp, and semi-sweet wine! The sweetness of milk chocolate and tangy and sweet notes of the balsamic, strawberries, and apricots create a well rounded tasting!

Happy tasting and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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