Caputo’s Sandwich Recipe Contest

On the go, packed for lunch, a quick bite to eat… sandwiches are a versatile meal option! August is National Sandwich Month and National Panini Month. Our deli is the perfect place to celebrate this.

Our international deli has a large variety of imported and domestic, premium meats, cheeses, and olives. There are a plethora of options for you to make your perfect sandwich. Prosciutto or Turkey, Swiss or Provolone, a mix of deli meats and cheeses– we want to know what your go-to is!  

Think you’re the best sandwich maker? Put it to the test for your chance to win a Caputo’s gift card! 

We want to know the ingredients you use to make your sandwiches. Submit your sandwich recipes. The brands, the slicing preference, the type of bread, hot or cold– we want to know it all.

Here’s how to enter:  

Step by Step Directions

  1. Shop at Caputo’s for all your sandwich making necessities
  2. Make your sandwich and document it as detailed as you can
    1. Write down all the ingredients you use. We want to know what you put in your sandwich that makes it better than everyone else’s.
  3. Take a picture of it… lots of pictures! 
  4. Fill out this form with all the above info and submit any extras we should know. We will take your submission, review it, and test out the recipe! Our team will judge based on overall flavor and decide who has the best sandwich!

What you can win

  1. A Caputo’s Gift Card
    1. 1st Place- $100
    2. 2nd Place- $50
    3. 3rd Place- $25
  2. Your recipe is featured on our social media, websites, and is available for purchase as a special in our hot foods department on September 10, 17th, and 24th! The special and recipe will feature your name so everyone knows where it came from!
    1. Your recipe will be featured on our website so other shoppers can test it out for themselves! It will also be featured in a banner on our homepage 
    2. We will then offer your sandwich as a special in our hot foods departments in our Addison, Carol Stream, and Naperville stores every Friday throughout the month
  3. Bragging Rights

The Rules

You have the whole month of August to submit. We will go over the recipes and make the sandwiches, then pick a winner from there. The winners will be contacted and then announced on September 6.

Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date and see our family share our go-to sandwiches!

Submit your recipe here

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