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As Italian Heritage Month continues, we take a look at a huge part of our business and our heritage– food!

When Angelo, our founder, started, the store was just a fruit market– selling fresh produce in a tiny little store. Angelo, like so many others, immigrated to America and while the promise of a new life was there, it meant leaving behind pieces of home. Angelo recognized the need to bring pieces of Italy here and began importing specialty items. Soon, our product line and business was able to grow and now even include homemade items!

So in addition to our plethora of imports– taralli, pasta, oil, cookies, drinks, tomatoes (just to name a few,) we also have a lot of products we make in house that are hand crafted to bring out memories and appreciation of Italy! 

Here are 3 Must Try Caputo’s products if you’re looking for a taste of Italy

Italian Cookies

One stop should definitely be to our La Bella Romana Bakery. La Bella Romana is the name of our private label which translates to “The Beautiful Romana.” It was named by Angelo for our matriarch and his wife, Romana Caputo. She was known for her incredible skills in the kitchen and this included baking! Many of our Italian cookie recipes were adapted from her own recipes. The amaretti cookies, lemon cookies, fig cookies, and chocolate spice cookies are a must! They may even remind you of your nonna’s very own traditional cookies. One of our family’s favorites are the horseshoe amaretti cookies

In fact, many of our products in our bakery are made in house daily by our talented bakery team! We make our own cannoli shells and filling, eclairs, cream puffs, breads, and so much more. Take a closer look into our bakery here

Homemade Bocconcini 

Cheese is a significant part of Italian culture and our homemade bocconcini lives up to it. Boconcini is hand stretched, hand tied mozzarella. Made using fresh mozzarella which is watched over slowly, then stretched and tied carefully to ensure easy, not chewy or stringy, bites of delicious! It is great on its own, in a panino, in pasta, and more!

Homemade Sausage

We make our own sausage in house daily. It was a long process to perfectly craft our homemade sausage– making and tweaking our recipes until we reached recipes we are extremely proud of! We use local and fresh ingredients as well as a custom blend of spices. Everything is sourced carefully and created strategically! Some of our varietals include classic italian, hot, barese, sicilian, provolone and giardiniera, and more. It makes for a great dinner or even in a sandwich!

These are just a few of the offerings we have that keep Italian tradition alive. Just like Angelo did, our goal is to help the Italian culture remain steadfast through the generations. 

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